Cultivating Connected Relationships {Podcast 401}

What does it look like to cultivate connected relationships?

Maybe you think that simply by having lots of people connections, that you’re truly connected. But what if that isn’t really the case. Maybe your sense of loneliness and isolation is that you’re in the middle of many but not feeling deep, authentic connection.

We’ve got so much to learn about cultivating the art of truly connected relationships, so that’s why this season of the More to Be Podcast is devoted to the topic of building connections and meaningful relationships!

With our line up of special guests along with the vibrant conversations infused with Scripture truths, we’re going to unpack God’s design for His body on earth! We get to explore together what we can do to experience not only a fresh encounter with God through the study of His Word and also His radically transforming love through our connections with one another. If you’re ready for real growth in your life and uncovering significant purpose, this season is for you.

It's time to become people listeners instead of people fixers. - Elisa Pulliam #MoreToBe #Podcast

In this episode of the More to Be Podcast, I’m joined by my dear friend and regular co-host, Kalie Kelch, to unpack God’s Word around the concept of what cultivating connected relationships looks like into today’s culture and hype-connected world.

I bring into the discussion the concept of T.R.U.E. Connected Relationships, which I’ve adapted from my equine-assisted training and the example of my friend, Shelly, who leads an equine-assisted therapy organization. We talk honestly about motherhood, idolatry, God’s love, and His healing work through relationships as we open up to John 15 and look the instruction of Jesus urging us to remain in love and be connected to the Him.

We live too much as silos unto ourselves. – Kalie

T.R.U.E. Connected Relationships are built upon Trust, Respect, Understanding, and Empathy. 

One of the greatest ways to minimize the risk of suicide is having a connected relationship with one caring adult. – Elisa

One of the greatest ways to minimize the risk of suicide is having a connected relationship with one single adult. - Elisa

Have you taken on the position of being your children’s savior instead of allowing God to do what we came to accomplish on the cross? – Elisa

Is it time to release the expectations you’ve placed on yourself and trust in God’s sufficiency? -Elisa

We can’t just choose verses and claim them. We have to see the context and apply them. – Elisa 

You can not remain fruitful unless you remain in me. – Jesus

Jesus didn't solve every minutia of their day. He fixed their problems for the day. He provided for their needs for the day. - #MoreToBe #Podcast

I’m not the fruit-producer. I’m the fruit-displayer. Jesus is producing this fruit in me. – Elisa

I can love others EVEN AS God has loved me. – Elisa

Jesus didn’t solve every minutia of their day. He fixed their problems for the day. He provided for their needs for the day. Here I am. – Kalie

You can fix yourself. You can’t fix everyone else. – Kalie

Stop pulling weeds from other people’s gardens. – unknown

Become a people listener. – Elisa

We learn enough bad information by age 4 to shape us for the rest of our lives. – Lisa

How do I show up in my relationships? What am I seeking to get out it compared to what I am seeking to give? – Kalie

Jesus came to serve. Will we follow that example? – Kalie

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  • John 15
  • 2 Corinthians 10:5
  • Romans 12:2

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