A Grumble-Free Heart and Home with Tricia Goyer {Podcast 408}

Is grumbling the tone of your heart and home?

Maybe that’s a habit you’ve inherited. Maybe it’s one that has been triggered by life’s trials.

No matter what has caused the grumbling, you can make strides toward a grumble-free life and cultivate a new culture in your home.

On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, I’m joined by my friend, Tricia Goyer, who offers us such a fresh perspective on parenting through the grumbles with a new vision. You might have heard her on the podcast before as we chatted about anger. Tricia has plenty of real-life experience dealing with anger and the grumbles, as she is the homeschool mom of ten, a doting grandma, and wife to John. In her latest book, The Grumble-Free Year, Tricia invites us to experience the lessons learned through a twelve-month journey with her family to bring an end to grumbling.

This episode is packed full of practical application, as I share what I’ve learned in my trauma-focused equine-assisted therapy course about the brain and offer you a new way to respond to grumpy and angry emotions in yourself and your kiddos. We also walk through the Scriptures, especially Mark 4, considering the Parable of the Sower . . . a.k.a. . . . mother. This episode will most definitely help think biblically and consider the transformation steps God is leading you to embrace in your life.

Timeless Truths

We can complain or grumble within our minds or our mouth. – Tricia

Trauma causes our brain to go into the flight-fight-freeze mode. – Elisa

When we are angry, the part of the brain that can answer the “why” literally can’t function. – Elisa

When your emotional brain is turned on, your thinking brain is turned off. -Tricia

Get those hymns and praises hardwired into your brain. – Tricia

Take off the grumbling and put on the gratitude. – Elisa

Anger is a secondary emotion. – Elisa

The fruit comes from abiding in Christ. – Elisa

We counter the grumbling with habits of gratitude and prayer and study of God’s Word. – Tricia

Your child’s faith is not an indicator of your investment as a mother. – Elisa

The potential of the impact we can have on our children’s lives comes through remaining faithful to sowing the Word into their lives. – Elisa

Their heart is not a reflection of your heart, mama. – Elisa

The vision should be for you to remain faithful to the Lord, so that you can respond with as much Christ-likeness as possible to others. – Elisa

If we’re too overpowering, we’ll not be a safe place for our children to come to us when they are in the middle of a crisis. – Tricia

Scatter the seed and let God do His work. – Tricia

More to Be - Scripture Reading

Scripture Focus

  • Galatians 5
  • John 15
  • Mark 4
  • Philippians 14:2
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