How to Overcome the Fear of Failure with Leah Archibald {Podcast 518}

How does the fear of failure impact your life?

Moreover, what is the impact of fear of failure on your career and calling?

On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, we dig into the topic of fear of failure, especially in the context of career and calling, with Leah Archibald, co-host of the Making It Work Podcast, produced by the Theology of Work. Through genuine faith-filled conversations, Leah inspires working Christians to look to the Bible for the strength and guidance they need to overcome work’s toughest challenges.

Leah’s journey to faith hasn’t been straightforward, which was something I could resonate with, along with the fact that she was raised in a Jewish household. She gave her life to Christ at age 26, and since that time has been discovering how to integrate her faith into her work. She now lives in Massachusetts, with her husband and three sons.

But before we jump into our discussion about fears and failure, Leah shared how her faith was on the outside of her Monday through Friday marketplace life. This inspiration-filled episode will bring you a fresh perspective on living out the gospel in every role and relationship, stepping out of fear and into deeper faith.

Jesus made it so simple. Love God, love others. – Elisa

Take your faith with you into the marketplace. – Leah

What if you saw yourself as the only face of Jesus the people you work with may see? – Leah

Fear of failure is sabotaging Christians in the workplace. – Leah

Jesus is the one that walks with us in our fears. – Leah

The women walked into their greatest fear that morning at the tomb. – Leah

We have to push away all the other voices in the face of fear to hear God. – Elisa

Have we lost sight of the truth because the enemy of God has embellished the facts and magnified our fears? – Elisa

I don’t want to live in the fear of failure, I want to live in a community of faith. – Elisa

When you feel you can’t, God can provide the one who can. -Elisa

We have Jesus, but we also have been given each other – Elisa

It is no longer self-focused when our sin has been reconciled with our Savior. – Elisa

Fear is only something that holds us back. It doesn’t give us proper information. – Leah

The first thing God says to us is, “Fear not.” – Leah

The heritage of the Jewish people is a wrestling of God. – Leah

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  • Deuteronomy 1:19-45
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