The Lord Will Provide | Encounter God #10

Does God actively pursue us to see if our hearts and lives are aligned with His commands, promises, and plans for our lives?

Do you think God still tests us like the way He tested Abraham in the sacrifice of His son Isaac?

As we peer into Genesis 22, looking at the encounter between Abraham and God — a profound encounter of instruction and obedience, trust and waiting. God instructs Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac. I can only imagine the torment that night, waiting for the morning to break. There are no words recorded, allowing us to know what Abraham felt. All we know is that He moved into action, obediently taking each step forward, saddling up his donkey, splitting the firewood, and summoning his son for the journey ahead. Three days later, Abraham sees the altar of sacrifice ahead of him, and instead of running in the other direction, he pauses for worship with his son

In the waiting, He didn’t forsake the worship.

The Lord will Provide | Encounter God #10

Can we say the same about our times of waiting on God’s provisions? Does our obedience, in the hardest of circumstances, look like worship?

Abraham continued to heed the Lord’s instructions. I wonder if he questioned what God’s ultimate plan would be? Did he have an inkling that God would provide that lamb in the thicket? Was he searching for an alternative to his son, wondering if God would come through for him?

All we know is what the Scriptures tell us. He did tell Isaac, “God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.” (Genesis 22:8). They walked on together until they arrived at the altar. Abraham arranged the firewood and bound up Isaac. I can only imagine the trauma for both.

But Abraham obeyed . . . completely demonstrating His first love . . . until the angel of the Lord called to him, “Abraham! Abraham!”

It is safe to say, Abraham was utterly attuned to the voice of God. He didn’t miss the call. He wasn’t distracted. He was desperate, I’m sure, for an intervention from God. And God did not fail him.

Abraham’s obedience demonstrated his fear of the Lord . . . that is what God was looking for. And in turn, God revealed His provisions . . . exactly as Abraham told Isaac he would.

Abraham named the place Yahweh-Yireh (which means “the Lord will provide”). To this day, people still use that name as a proverb: “On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided.”

Genesis 22:14 NLT
The Lord will Provide | Encounter God #10

As we consider the application of this passage, there are so many questions we need to ask ourselves:

Is there an idol, as in anyone or anything, more important to us than God himself?

What is keeping you from being attuned to God and His voice, obedient to His commands and believing His promises?

Is the relationship you have with God greater than the fulfillment of the promises?

Is He more important to you than what we will provide?

Yes, God will provide. That is consistent with His caring. But in His provisions, what is He requiring of us? What testimony is He seeking to write through our story, even our legacy, about His faithfulness? Abraham wasn’t the only one that witnessed God’s provisions . . . so did Isaac.

Heavenly Father, thank You for being our Provider in every situation. Forgive us when we don’t recognize that You are the one providing for us, even in the most desperate of situations. Forgive us for when we make an idol of anyone or anything. Please, God, give us the desire to obey You without delay or excuse. May we worship you in the waiting and the walking. May we trust You more and more each day.

In the Strong Name of Jesus, Amen

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1 thought on “The Lord Will Provide | Encounter God #10”

  1. Lisa, this brought up so many emotions as I read this. Foremost is a feeling of gratitude as I look back on times in my life when I felt helpless (after a mega storm torn through my island, after losing my brother on a fishing trip, after losing my dad following a long illness)… yet God provided hope, help and healing. He really is such a good, good Father who loves to provide for His children, especially in those times when we need it most.

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