Strategies for Avoiding Burnout, Part 2

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On this Episode

  • Strategies for Overcoming Burnout So You can Enjoy Everyday Life {Elisa Pulliam}
  • How can a mom best navigate her desire to grow spiritually while managing the daily roadblocks and frustrations that go along with her multiple jobs including caretaking, leading, work, {Andria McCollough}
  • How do you deal with your own stress and anxiety on a daily basis? {Kristen Humiston}
  • Can you help me create a game plan to improve physical and spiritual wellness in the next 24 hours? {Kelli Schoefer}
  • How do make time to pray and read your bible every day before other distractions? {Marva Smith}
  • What advice do you have for helping a 5yo through the transition of mommy going to work full time after always being SAHM? {Elisa Pulliam}
  • I’d also love advice on getting right before the Lord and accepting his forgiveness when a mistake of your past haunts you? {Elisa Pulliam}

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