Faith Wanderer, You’re Still Loved with Robin Dance {Podcast 521}

Would you consider yourself a faith wanderer?

Do you wonder what the difference is between being a wanderer and lost?

Maybe it’s not a worry for yourself, but there are loved ones that come to mind as you are concerned for their salvation and relationship with God.

On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, we get real about what it feels like to question your faith and wonder if you’re lost. Robin Dance, author of For All Who Wander: Why Knowing God Is Better than Knowing It All, brings authenticity and wisdom so deep you’ll not be able to listen without losing track of what you thought you’d be getting done. This episode just might be one of the rawest conversations you’ll hear . . . as emotions rose to the surface that caught me by surprise and led me to fresh hope for wandering, in faith, on this journey to eternity.

Robin is a sister-in-Christ and a wanderer as well as writer, speaker, and contributor to the (in)courage community and The Art of Simple. She and her husband, Tad, are enjoying newfound freedom as empt-nesters, but they keep their fingers crossed and the back door open for their three adult children. As Southern as sugar-shocked tea, she currently lives in Macon, Georgia, and online at

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We have an enemy who is against us. A culture against us. A world that is against the things of the Lord. No wonder we’re prone to wander. – Robin

You can be lost and not know it. – Robin

When you’re a wanderer, you question everything you once believed was true. – Robin

Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.

Am I saved or not saved? If you’re wondering your wandering, but not lost. – Robin

Lost people don’t care whether or not they are lost. – Robin

If you’re struggling with the question of your salvation, let that be evidence of your faith. – Robin

Wanderer, if you’re listening, you’re not the only one. God is with you in the wandering. – Robin

Your lostness is not an indication of your salvation. – Robin

But God. – Elisa

My doubt opened the door to belief. – Robin

It’s not sexy to preach the Old Testament. It’s not fun, warm and fuzzy. – Robin

Take heart, you are an effective and powerful servant of the Lord.

Speak life, hope, and salvation.

Your works are steeped in favor and blessing.

He is the light on the path you travel and He directs the every step you take, even this one, for His glory.

When you are weary, do not let this cloud your confidence.

You favored to increase territory, to invite heaven to earth, and spread the glory of our King.

You are victorious in your work, to your family, to your outreach.

You are beloved.

You renounce the enemy. He has no power or authority over you.

He was and is defeated.

A Prayer from Bonnie Wallace

Bloom where you’re planted. – Robin

You can’t have if you don’t ask. – Lisa

Go first in your vulnerability to cultivate the connection you crave. – Lisa

Tears are the window washers of the soul. – Robin’s Grandpa

God wastes nothing.

He doesn’t waste your wandering. – Lisa

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