The Lord is Our Strength and Shield | Encounter God #17

What comes to mind when you consider that God is your strength and your shield?

Do you see a mighty warrior and defender before you, standing in front of you and protecting you from the onslaught of harm? Or does it feel like God is out there, somewhere, maybe strong and fierce against the attacks, but He has somehow overlooked that you need protecting?

It’s natural for us to perceive God through our circumstances, questioning His character and doubting His promises. But isn’t that why we’re studying the names and attributes of God so that our experiences do not define our faith but rather Truth becomes our plumbline.

As navigate through Psalms, we see a relationship between God and mankind that is honest and hard. Life doesn’t turn out as expected. The pain is real and wonder about God’s favor is a real struggle. The Psalms can most certainly bring us comfort, in that regard, as we see David speak boldly about His need for God to show up and hear his cries and simultaneously, he sings out His praises.

David chooses to bless the Lord, placing his true confidently in an unchanging God. Can you do so as well, speaking these words for yourself?

The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy.  I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.

Psalm 28:7 NLT

If we can’t place our confidence in God, what can we place our confidence in? He is the one in whom our lives rest securely. He is the one in whom our strength is found. He is the one in whom we experience the covering of His shield — His protective love and abounding grace. Whether we believe it so does not change that it already is and was and will be as we journey on this road to eternity.

Lord, thank You for being our strength and our shield, the One in whom we can confidently trust for our protection. Thank You for fully providing for us through Your sufficiency. Thank You for being our protector. May we turn to You for help when our hearts feel shaky. May we remember who You are in the face of our struggles. May we see You provision even in the suffering.

In the Strong Name of Jesus, Amen

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