Everything You Want to Know About Life Coaching and Becoming a Coach {Podcast #550}

Have you ever thought about becoming a life coach, wondering if you have what it takes to launch your own practice?

Maybe you’ve wondered what life coaching is all about? Is it just cheerleading or another way to go about mentoring? Is it any different than counseling or consulting?

Whether you’re interested in becoming a coach, simply to gain the skillset personally or to launch a practice, or you’re curious about how coaching works, this episode is for you.

As you likely know, life coach is a core part of what we do at More to Be, both in training women to become coaches and serving women through biblical life coaching. So in this final episode of Season 5 of the More to Be Podcast, my dear friend and fellow coach, Kalie Kelch, and I sat down (virtually) to share with you everything you’d ever want to know about coaching.

Consider this a long-overdue episode to answer all the questions we’ve received over the last decade, designed to help you understand what you may experience as a coaching student or client, as well as the biblical principles that motivate us to continue to offer this service through More to Be.

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The beauty of coaching is that it relies on the person’s own intuitions, the Holy Spirit, and the ability for that person to make decisions and move forward. – Kalie

Kalie Quote 1

Coaching was the first taste for me of how differently I could approach a conversation in a more effective way. – Lisa

Life coaching totally makes you a healthier leader and coworker. – Kalie

When you are taking the course, you get to experience the benefits of being a client, as you unpack your core values, core beliefs, and identity. – Lisa

God was the first coach and is the best example of coaching. – Lisa

When people feel safe with us, they will talk more and become more vulnerable. – Lisa

Elisa Quote 2

We hide from shame, but when we bring it to the light, we are able to deal with it and move forward.  – Kalie

Jesus is always asking the disciples to think for themselves and to think deeper. This is the beauty of what happens in life coaching. – Kalie

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