Let Go and Live: A Vision for Breakthrough {Podcast #700}

What is that one thing . . . that one hurt . . . that one disappointment . . .that one habit . . . that continues to rob your life of joy and holds you back from the life you know God wants you live?

More importantly, what would it take to finally experience breakthrough in that area of your life?

Are you hoping that God would simply sweep in and break the stronghold? Would you like Him to relieve you from the guilt or shame, anxiety or fear, like a fairy godmother waving her wand?

Let Go and Live: A Vision for Breakthrough

Maybe you think that a breakthough looks less like what God might do for you and more of what you need to do for yourself?

Well, sister, how about we find out this year? Rather than simply imagining a different life — a different way of being — what if we actually did something about it?

It’s time to align our lives with God’s best through a fresh encounter with God and in His Word.

Sure, that’s what we’ve always been about at More to Be, but this year, we’re diving in even deeper with the Let Go & Live Bible study, jointly hosted on the More to Be Podcast and the More to Be Sisterhood.

Let Go and Live Bible Study
An On-the-Go Bible Study for the More to Be Sisterhood

The Let Go & Live Bible study is designed to help you discover how to apply biblical principles alongside practical tips for addressing emotional wellbeing so that you can show up in your relationships, work, and ministry without the triggers getting the best of you. 

Each month you can listen to the Let Go and Live episode on the More to Be Podcast or watch the teaching video in the Sisterhood, and then use the resources (accessible exclusively in the Sisterhood) to dive deeper into Scripture and to help you apply the principles to your relationship with God and others. In the Sisterhood, you’ll find these Let Go & Live resources, plus hundreds of others:

  • Let Go & Live Printable
  • Let Go & Live Bible Verses
  • Podcast Reflection Guide
  • Audio Recording and/or Video Teaching
  • Let Go & Live Scripture Writing Worksheet
  • Let Go & Live Prayer Journaling Worksheet
  • Let Go & Live Wellbeing Guide
  • Scripture Screensavers

You might be wondering how this study could fit into your life? ​It’s as flexible as it can be. At the beginning of each month, you’ll get the content through the Sisterhood and then you can set aside a few hours a month (yep, a month, not a week) to study the key passage and embrace the process of Scripture memory, prayer, and reflection. 

So what are you waiting for?

This is the year, sister, to let go of whatever is holding you back from the life God designed for you to live — a life in which you become brighter and more beautiful, more like Jesus, through a fresh encounter with Him and His Word.

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Truths to Remember

This is the year that God can do the rebuilding, restoring, and renewing in us. – Elisa

God had already said this, but we’re not doing what He said to do. – Elisa

The need to create security in relationships puts us in unhealthy places in relationships. – Elisa

I believe your Word and your promises, but there is this insane disconnect. Why?

God, please help me break this habit and align with your Word to live out your will. – Elisa

There is so much validity and simplicity in repetition, especially when studying Scripture. – Kalie

The vision is for us to find our confidence, security, and purpose in God alone. – Elisa

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What am I oppressed by?
  2. What am I enslaved to?
  3. What am I held captive by?
  4. Is this because of my own choice or something I’m bringing on myself?

Healing has to precede the calling. – Elisa

God can work in us while working through us. – Elisa

Instead of living in the shoulds, live in the now while taking the next step. – Kalie

You can not be not enough and too much. That would mean you’re totally balanced in the middle. So stop this identity crisis and let God define you entirely. – Elisa

I am your everything, so stop trying to be anything. Just be. – God

Rebuild. Restore. Renew. That is who God is. That is what God will do. – Elisa

Rebuild. Repair. Revive. That’s a context of growth. – Kalie

Don’t down play that God wants to pour out good blessings on us. – Kalie

God doesn’t just give us good enough gifts. He is a good God that gives us good, good gifts! – Elisa

A covenant is about relational integrity. – Kalie

God is faithful and upholds every end of the covenant he made with us. – Kalie

God willingly enter into this agreement with us, knowing we are weak and will misstep. – Kalie

The whole point of this is understanding whose we are and who we are so that we can go be love in this world. – Elisa

Confidence is not walking into a room and thinking you’re better than everyone else. Confidence is walking into a room being so comfortable and understanding Whose you are, that you could be all He created you to be. – Kalie

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Let Go and Live: A Vision for Breakthrough
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