Finding Your Place with Kristen Humiston & Jennifer Booth {Podcast #710}

How many times have you asked God “why?”

“Why me? Why now? Why this?”

Whether you are 18, 88, or somewhere in between you’ve likely faced something that made you feel out of place, alone, and uncertain. What has been your response? Do you walk in faith or question God’s plan? Maybe you experience both those emotions?

As children of God, our lives have been perfectly orchestrated by our Creator.

With every challenging “why,” we can trust that His intended plan is not ruined.

On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, join me as I chat with Kristen Humiston and Jennifer Booth, both More to Be trained coaches, as we explore what it means to find our place in the midst of uncertainty. As we have discovered throughout the ups and downs of our journeys, figuring out who we are and what we’re supposed to be doing with our time, talents, and passions, can be answered by aligning our lives with God’s best. Tune in to this episode to discover what the looks like in a practical and hopeful way.

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Kristen Joy Humiston is a certified Biblical Life Coach passionately serving the disillusioned Christian woman who finds herself wondering, “Where is God?” and “Will I ever be able to move forward from here?” Kristen knows the heartache of feeling abandoned by God and her church family and has found Christ to be faithful. As He restored her joy, He called her to use her experiences and training to serve others who are walking on a similar path to wholeness again. It is a joy and honor to guide other Christian women on their own healing journey. Continually learning to live from a place of rest, Kristen enjoys a good book, chocolate, and any quiet place she can find in her busy household of 8.  

Jennifer Booth is the founder of The Planning Woman where she equips faith-filled women with strategies and resources to help them use their time well so that they can live out their priorities. 

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Truths to Remember

The way out of your discomfort is gratitude. – Lisa

God does his best work in the dark places. – Kristen

God allows us to go through hardships because it makes us more like Him — the refiner’s fire. – Lisa

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#MoretoBe #Podcast #FindingYourPlace

Jeremiah 35:12 NLT

Your upbringing impacts your understanding of God, the Church, and this world. – Jennifer

Am I willing to hear God’s calling to me and his challenge to move in a new direction? – Lisa

Kristen Quote
#MoretoBe #Podcast #FindingYourPlace

Ephesians 2:1-5 NLT

We live out of our flesh even when we are saved if we are not lending our ear to Jesus. – Kristen

We are God’s workmanship and he understands, knows, and intended every bit of who we are. – Lisa

Elisa Quote
#MoretoBe #Podcast #FindingYourPlace

Ephesians 5:15-16

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#MoretoBe #Podcast #FindingYourPlace

Let us stop wasting time and focus on what matters most. – Jennifer

You get  your marching orders when you start your day in the Word and that helps you order your day. – Jennifer

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