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CALM Anxiety Scripture Cards

CALM Anxiety Strategy Cards

The struggle with anxiety is real, no matter how strong our faith may be. It may attempt to hold us in its grip, but it can’t keep us there. God made a way for us to experience calm again. Through practicing regulating habits combined with clinging to biblical truths (and seeking professional help when needed) we can learn how to respond to anxiety without shame or guilt. Anxiety is simply our body telling us about what our mind cannot ignore. Once we see it for what it is, we can move through anxiety to the other side . . .…

Battling Anxiety's Grip with Dr. Michelle Bengtson

Breaking Anxiety’s Grip with Dr. Michelle Bengtson {Podcast 510}

Does anxiety have a grip on you or someone you love? Have you been caught in the cycle of shame, feeling like it’s a faith issue you can’t resolve? Maybe you’ve explored every option, every doctor, every technique, and the relief just hasn’t come? You’re not alone! I say that often, but I really do mean it. And in this episode of the More to Be Podcast, you’ll hear why anxiety is such an issue facing us today, as well as practical steps to break anxiety’s grip on your life, whether you’re the one who suffers or find yourself as…

Resting in God's Arms Amidst of Loss and Anxiety with Christie Thomas

Resting in God’s Arms Amidst of Loss and Anxiety with Christie Thomas {Podcast 409}

Do you struggle to find comfort in God’s arms in the middle of trials and challenges, losses and disappointments? You’re not alone. Suffering is real, and anxiety is often a companion. In this episode of the More to Be Podcast, I’m joined by Christie Thomas for a quiet and thoughtful conversation about what it means to navigate loss and anxiety as an adult and also with young children. Christie is the mom of three boys who love stories and wife of an educator, and she is passionate about helping parents cultivate a vibrant faith life so that they can live…

Practical Ideas for Battling Anxiety on the More to Be Podcast

Practical Ideas for Battling Anxiety {Podcast 302}

Do you struggle with worry and anxious thoughts? Are you concerned that you might be headed for a clinical diagnosis, but don’t really want to find out because you’re afraid they might put you on medicine? Is your loved one in the battle of bullying back the debilitating lies anxiety wields their way each day? Do you worry that you’re not doing the right thing to help them? You’re not alone.   Did you know that 44% of the women who responded to our More to Be survey confess they struggle with anxiety and worry and 45% are overwhelmed by their responsibilities? Which is why…

Give God Everything {Including Your Anxiety} with Jessica Smartt on the More to Be Podcast, Episode #208

Give God Everything {Including Your Anxiety} with Jessica Smartt {Podcast #208}

  Join us on this week’s episode of the More to Be Podcast to hear from our special guest, Jessica Smartt, a fellow author, blogger, and homeschooling mama, who has learned to cling to Jesus through her struggle with anxiety. Jessica and I chat about what that looks like to deal with anxiety with a wholly committed faith. She shared how her mom’s response enabled her to see her need to get help as well as how her Bible-steeped upbringing has benefited her on this journey. It was interesting to be on the other side of her story, as I completely identified with Jessica’s…


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