Q&A: real questions. asked by real teens. with real answers. shared by real women.

We Have Real Answers to Real Questions

Whether you are a teen searching for answers to a very real questions, or a mentor or mom seeking wisdom on how to respond to a teen in need, you’ll find our collection of Qu0026amp;As to be an invaluable resource.

All the Qu0026amp;As found at More to Be have been penned by real teen girls desperately seeking real answers to the challenges they face every day — challenges that you often face, too.  In the safe-haven of ETC gatherings, these questions were submitted on index cards and answered right on the spot by women using Scripture and their personal experiences to give Biblical wisdom and perspective.

We are pleased to be able to offer you a selection of the hundreds of questions we’ve addressed over the years of hosting ETC.

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More to Be is not intended to replace the care of a professional.  If you are in a crisis situation, seek the help of a certified counselor or doctor.  Focus on the Family  also  provides excellent direction and assistance in helping you locate a professional in your area.

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