Amanda is a women’s ministry leader and Bible study teacher. She is on fire for the Lord and loves ministering to teens and women. She thrives on encouraging women to fall in love with Jesus and is passionate about them discovering their God-given gifts and calling. She especially has a heart for women in leadership and equipping them to serve in God's Kingdom. Amanda lives in North Carolina with her husband and two little girls. Visit Amanda at her blog, Give Her Grace:

What are the places you don't let God go? #moretobe #devotional #christianwomen

The Places I Don’t Let God Go

I have some places I don’t let God go. Maybe you just did a double take and had to reread that sentence again.  Maybe you’re wondering how that’s possible of me since God is God and He knows all and He is always present.  How could I have places I don’t let God go?  Well my friend, you would be right in asking those things.  God is God and He does know all. He knows what I struggle with, what I desire, what I fail to surrender to Him, and He knows the places of my heart that I don’t…

Endurance for the Journey

A few years ago I decided to run a 5K race. But I need you to know this about me. I don’t run. Like at all. If I’m running, you probably should be, too. That means something is chasing us. I digress. At the encouragement of a friend who was an avid runner, I clicked the sign-up button and marked the date on my calendar. I had a few months until the 5K race was scheduled and I knew that if I was actually going to run at this race and not just do a brisk walk, I would need…

He wants you to step out in faith and do the scary work He's called you to do. - Amanda

To My Friend, The Dreamer

I know it’s there. That feeling that won’t go away. That feeling that says perhaps you were made for much more than you think. That feeling that says that you were meant to do something great. Something big. Something for His glory. Oh friend, I get it. I know the aches of a God-sized dream realized and the fear that often holds us back. I know that deep down there’s something big that you want to do for God but you’re hesitant to give it life. To give it a name. To give it all you’ve got.     Did…

God, Help My Unbelief

God, Help My Unbelief

Several months ago I was invited to go on a mission trip several hours away from my home.  Our missions team would spend the weekend with a community of women in the mountains, helping to cultivate new relationships with them and grow their various ministries. I was so excited for the opportunity, but the trip would take over five hours and it was a drive I would have to make by myself (our team was coming from all over the state). Driving alone on the mountain roads to a place I had never been just sent my anxiety into a…

Are you brining your two mites?

Are You Bringing Your Two Mites?

Imagine yourself in a temple filled with people coming and going. Tax collectors and religious officials are there taking money from everyone. You are next in line. You look down at two copper coins, both of which settle into the palm of your hand. You grip the coins tightly. It’s all you have. You have no other means and no one to provide for you. It’s all on you. You are motioned forward, and you clinch the two coins as you step closer. You know what to do. While it’s hard to drop everything into those buckets, you know God is going…


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