Amanda is a women’s ministry leader and Bible study teacher. She is on fire for the Lord and loves ministering to teens and women. She thrives on encouraging women to fall in love with Jesus and is passionate about them discovering their God-given gifts and calling. She especially has a heart for women in leadership and equipping them to serve in God's Kingdom. Amanda lives in North Carolina with her husband and two little girls. Visit Amanda at her blog, Give Her Grace:

For the Leader Who Needs Encouragement to Press On

For the Leader Who Needs Encouragement to Press On

I  left our church’s youth group meeting with my heart heavy and my soul feeling burdened. I rarely leave feeling anything but joy and contentment. I find our meetings are usually filled with laughter, bonding, and a mutual excitement for Jesus. But this night was different.  My original lesson for the evening centered on sharing faith in real, tangible ways. We talked about how important loving others is, how growing up and walking in faith is hard, and how Jesus wrecks us in the best ways possible. The girls had great, albeit it difficult, questions for me surrounding these things. I…

How to Host a Women's Retreat on a Budget

How to Host a Women’s Retreat on a Budget

Our plans were grand, but our budget was not.  Our women’s ministry team had a long standing dream of hosting a women’s retreat, but we didn’t have a lot of money (around $250.00) and would need to pull from as many outside resources as we could. God was good to us, and so were the people He surrounded us with that helped us pull it off.  If you’re familiar with church budgets and line items for ministry, you know that sometimes you have to figure out creative ways to make things happen. But how do you host a women’s retreat…

Hope for the Overburdened Leader

Hope for the Overburdened Leader

I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately.  I’ve been thinking about your service and how you’re chasing hard after your calling as a leader. I’ve been thinking about the way you handle everything as well as you do.  The way you care.  The way you love the people you serve. I see your passion.  I see your perseverance.  I see that sometimes, even when you don’t want to admit it, this leader thing in its finest and truest form can become too much for your soul to bear. I’ve been thinking about how you pour your heart and soul…

When You're Scared to Face the Next Season

When You’re Scared to Face the Next Season

We sat across from each other at the kitchen table.  Neither of us wanted to make eye contact with the other. There was brokenness. There was mess. There was a thick air of emotion that clouded the table where just hours earlier our oldest daughter sat coloring. “I’m scared of what will happen if we don’t do this,” were the words I managed to get out to him. He knew. We both knew. We knew we desperately needed to go into a new season with one another. A season of wholeness and mending. A season of letting God work in us…


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