Cherie Werner

Cherie Werner is a mother to three daughters ages 25, 23, and 13. She is passionate about spiritual growth, husband and her family. She loves to learn, and believes that the key to true success in relationships is loving others authentically. Cherie is keen on encouraging women in their roles as wives and mothers. It is her desire to help women become aware of the legacy that they want to leave behind. Writing and speaking is a way for her to share what she has learned along the journey. Visit Cherie at

Talking to Our Teens about Sex

Baggage, Beauty, and Boundaries: Talking to our Teens about Sex

We all enter marriage with personal baggage, and it can greatly impede the health of a marriage. As premarital counselors, my husband and I have been amazed by how many couples are unaware about the way their past relationships affect them. We have seen firsthand the scars that were created from previous physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. These scars are real and are often in need of healing. An individual with sexual sin, for instance, will unknowingly carry shame into the relationship if it is not addressed beforehand. Premarital counseling is a great place to begin to unpack the baggage…

How to Grow Spiritually

How to Grow Spiritually: Nine Simple & Creative Steps

I am a rule follower and enjoy having accountability.  The drawback to this is that as a young mom of little ones, I was placing unrealistic expectations on myself. Well meaning gals would share how they felt a quiet time should look like and I tried to emulate them unsuccessfully. I sought the perfect place and time to have time alone with God, but with toddlers running around, it was more about survival mode than anything else. I have a lot more time in my new season of life as I no longer am homeschooling, and my youngest is in high…

While you can not control what other people say or do, you are able to choose how you will respond.

Real Questions: How Do I Replace Lies with Truth

  Real Question: I have a friend who is struggling and she keeps talking to me about how she is a loser and can’t do anything right. Now I have found myself thinking these same thoughts. How do I stop? Real Answers: Courtney Werner (20something daughter) says: We can create with our words, and our words begin with our thought life. If you are hanging around people who speak negatively, it is easy to begin to be in agreement with those words. Our thoughts and words are so powerful. [Tweet “The best way to stop thinking negatively is to fill…

Philippians 4:6-7

Affected by Worry-itis

As moms, many of us are affected by “worry-itus.” We tend to worry about our children’s health and safety from the time we conceive them until they are grown adults. When they are young, we choose to fear they will catch numerous illnesses, run into the road after a ball, fall over a cliff, etc. Once they learn to drive, a whole new set of fears can encapsulate us, especially if we hear a siren or a curfew is missed. My older daughters, now 26 and 24, have traveled abroad on various mission trips to places I’ve only dreamed of…

Freedom to Choose

Freedom to Choose

Real Question: When should parents allow their children the freedom to choose the music they listen to, the TV shows they watch, the books they read, or friends they associate with?   Real Answer: The daughter’s insight, by Courtney . . . I grew up in a protective environment. At the time, I wasn’t always thankful for the boundaries that were set in place. Later on, however, I realized that those boundaries were for my own safety. The thing I appreciated the most was how my parents chose to navigate through the issues. Instead of stating a hard and fast rule without…

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