Jen Babakhan

Jen is a Christian wife, mother (of two little boys), and author. She is currently writing her first book, Detoured: The Messy Grace-Filled Journey From Working Professional to Stay at Home Mom, to be released in 2019 with Harvest House Publishers. She's also a contributor for Reader's Digest. You can find her at You can find her on social media here: Facebook, @JenBabakhanauthor, Instagram (her favorite of all things social media!) @jenbabakhan, and on Twitter @jenbabakhan.

He is asking us to be brave enough.

Being Brave Enough

Not two nights before, I had picked up her still-warm, lifeless hatchling off the concrete slab of our porch and slid it into a shoebox for my husband to dispose of away from the peering eyes of my two little boys. She stared at me as I took away her baby, and I watched her nuzzle in closer to the surviving sibling who had always been the larger of the two birds that had hatched. At least two times a year for the last ten years, the corner of our patio cover has been the home of countless mother doves…

He Wants To Take You To the Park

I stood in the garage next to my car and began to feel sweat trickling down my back. It was the middle of summer, and I had been standing there for a good ten minutes, begging my two year old to sit in his car seat so I could take him to the park. He dug his heels into the bottom of the padded car seat cover and shook his head no. “GWATH!!” He shrieked, over and over. He wanted to play in the backyard, where the grass was. His forehead was beaded with sweat and his cheeks were flushing…


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