As a former perfectionist, cancer survivor and carpet-cleaning veteran, Jennifer is passionate about sharing the grace of Jesus with women, moms, teens and tweens. Jennifer lives in Texas with her husband of 13 years and two daughters, the younger of whom has autism. Connect with Jennifer on Twitter @JenniferDyer, on her blog at, and on her FB page. You can also find her on

Embarrassing {But Real} Questions: Tackling the Topic of Sexual Purity

A lot of people would rather crawl under their couch than to openly discuss some topics centering around sexuality and purity, but that won’t make the questions go away. Yes, questions from girls and moms (and boys and dads) like… I know the Bible says sex outside of marriage is wrong, so is heavy petting an appropriate substitute? Is anal or oral sex an OK substitute for sex until I get married? I’ve heard looking at porn is wrong, but what about stories that are erotic? What does the Bible say about masturbation? Is it an okay alternative for Christians? Does it…

Purity is Worth the Price

I recently attended a sweet wedding.  The couple was young, not yet finished with college, so in the eyes of many they were too young to be married. But the bride and groom’s innocent joy as they entered into this covenant was radiant. During the evening, the bride’s mom smiled wistfully as she gazed at her daughter. “They might be the poorest married couple in the world for a while, but what was I supposed to do? Tell my daughter I’d rather her fall into sexual sin?” The groom’s mother made several similar comments. Both sets of parents valued the…

Through Life’s Trials

Have you ever expected one thing, only to watch events unfold completely contrary to your expectations? Perhaps you… Knew you were perfect for a job, felt sure God had led you to it, yet they hired someone else? Thought you’d found the “one,” the guy God had planned for you, only to have your heart broken? Found yourself unable to fulfill some task or responsibility you were sure God wanted you to accomplish? Prayed for a loved one to experience healing from a crisis of health, and then watched them die? I think we’ve all been there—certain of one path…

Time to Check the Influences on a Girl’s Worth

What are you worth? Far more than you can fathom. But where do we find our worth? From knowing and being known by the Creator and Savior of the world Jesus. And yet the world tells us different. In a recent conversation, a mom mentioned her twelve-year-old son had issues at school. Not academic or with bullies. His problem was aggressive, desperate-for-attention girls. The first day of school, he was surrounded by girls. They grabbed for his hands and arms and each begged him to be her boyfriend. This same boy told his mom about Instagram photos where young women post…

How do you know if it is worthwhile?

Recently someone asked me if I had been paid for something I did for another person. When I replied in the negative, they acted surprised. Their response indicated I was wasting my time because I wasn’t generating income. It made me wonder… Are the things we do only valuable if we are paid to do them? That seems to be the world’s message. I would like to make a case for the opposite. When you were a child did your parents ever hang your artwork on the refrigerator? Or, if you are a parent, do you ever hang your children’s art…


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