Kathy Rothaar

Kathy is a woman who has a heart for the Lord and commitment to living out His Word. Her writing is steeped in personal experiences and biblical truth, as she reflects on her role as a mom of a college age son, high school daughter, and middle school boy. She is a freelance writer and editor who lives in the North East with her husband and children.

True freedom is found in a relationship with Christ!

Freedom is Not Free

I recently saw a bumper sticker on a car that said, “Freedom is not free.” This statement could not be truer. Many young adults are thrilled when they get their first taste of freedom. For many, this is when they go away to college and experience life away from home for the first time. For some, this new-found freedom results in the opportunity to spread their wings and try new things. For others, it can be a scary time, feeling the loss of their “safety net.” I remember way back when I was in my 20’s and I got my…

Bloom Where You're Planted

Bloom Where You Are Planted

When I was growing up in a small town in the Midwest, we knew everyone in our neighborhood. The Klobuchars lived next door. They were an elderly couple and they kept their yard in perfect shape. Next door to them were the Senichs who had five children, one of whom died, and the youngest was my age. Next to them were the Toivolas who only had one son a year younger than me. Across the street from us were the Nettles. They had five kids who were similar in age to my siblings and I. To the left of them…

Message Send Failure

Message Send Failure: How Strong Is Your Connection?

I am admittedly not the most tech-savvy person on the planet. But I do know how to use my cell phone to text. The other day I tried to send a message to someone and my phone responded with, “Message Send Failure.” I started to laugh and immediately thought to myself, “How often does God get that exact message when he is trying to tell me something?” As I thought more about this, I realized that there are probably a lot of messages out there in cyber space that the Lord has tried to send me that I never received. And…

Don’t Get Stuck in First Gear

I just got back from an early morning bike ride and was struck by the fact that my ride was such a metaphor for my life. But before I go any further, I just want to clear up any misconceptions some of you may have about me. I am not an avid exerciser.  I am not an avid cyclist. As a matter of fact, before I could ride this morning, I had to pump up the tires on my bike because they were completely flat from lack of use. However, I do enjoy bike riding and this morning, after a…

Have your hugged your child?

In Every Season There is Love

As the rooms in my home empty one by one, I am soberly reminded of the brevity of life. When my children were born countless people told me to enjoy every moment with them because time would race by. At each milestone in their lives thus far, I have thought of those precious people and their priceless advice. As we drove away from dropping our second child off at college, the tears flowed freely down my face as I thought of the little girl who would no longer come and cuddle in my bed with me. [Tweet “Life was changing…

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