Kathy Rothaar

Kathy is a woman who has a heart for the Lord and commitment to living out His Word. Her writing is steeped in personal experiences and biblical truth, as she reflects on her role as a mom of a college age son, high school daughter, and middle school boy. She is a freelance writer and editor who lives in the North East with her husband and children.

Do Your Prayers REALLY Matter? {especially for moms of boys}

I am so grateful for the amazing women God has sent into my life to mentor me on this adventure of raising a son.  For each season of my son’s life, they have walked me through the ups and downs and prayed with me.  They have shared from the depths of their hearts, and I have benefited from their honesty and transparency. None of us has been called to go this journey alone. God himself is with us every step of the way, but He has also sent others to help us and to be His hands and feet. The…

Are You Sure This Boy Is Mine?

When I gave birth to my first child and they put him in my arms and said it’s a boy, I responded, “Are you sure you have the right one?”  To which my beaming husband replied, “Yes, you’re still connected.”  So I guess by the sheer fact that he was connected to my umbilical cord and came out of my womb, they assumed he was mine!! I thought my firstborn was a girl from the very moment I found out that I was pregnant.  The bedding I picked out was teal with pink and yellow polka dots.  I also had…

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