Laura Beth Martin

Laura Beth Martin is a woman who walks with Jesus. She writes and speaks about this walk and her daily life as a wife and working mother from her hometown in Southern Arkansas. Together she and her husband parent four children and are advocates of adoption. Laura Beth writes for imperfect hearts on her blog at and you can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

More than a Name

More Than a Name

“I don’t mean to sound prideful, but my name ACTUALLY MEANS something in this town.” I cringed inside as her words rolled out. They landed flat in front of me as I nodded my head numbly in reply. Gently, I steered the conversation in another direction, but her admission hung densely in the air like the humidity of August and I remembered when I wanted that to be true for me. I wanted to be somebody. I wanted a name that meant something, a name that carried weight and commanded respect. I spent years gathering grades, awards, and degrees as…

When Your Spirit Takes a Beating

When Your Spirit Takes a Beating

Her eyelashes were the first thing I noticed when I held her close, that long-awaited bundle swaddled in stripes of blue, pink, and white hospital cotton. Those gently curved swaths of inky delicateness were so long and full they didn’t look real. The tips reached almost to her dark eyebrows when her fierce blue eyes were open. Now, at 15, both landscapes lie tattered and barren. The marks of her autoimmune disease have staked their claim; all her bottom lashes are gone, and one eyebrow flaunts a naked gap the size of her pinky finger. The bareness is foreign to…

You Are Worth Praying For

You Are Worth Praying For

Yesterday’s mascara is smudged along my bottom lash line. A tiny piece of yesterday still clings to my face despite my efforts to wipe it away. I glance up at the names written on my bathroom mirror with a black erasable marker, take a quick breath, and begin to pray silently, making my way through evenly and without pause. I pray for each person with only the knowledge before me. I do so without hesitation or regret. The loss of time is not a thought I consider. I don’t know how long it takes. I don’t measure or mark the…

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Jesus is for Everyone

The frustration in the air was palpable. “I cannot believe they are going!” he sputtered. “They hardly ever come to church. Why would they want to come? They’re going to ruin it. I wish they’d just stay home.” His head dropped as the last words left his mouth. I knew he’d been looking forward to the Passion Conference since last year. He’d immediately booked this year’s tickets as soon as they were available. He talked incessantly about what an experience it had been to worship God with thousands of other college students from across the United States. And it wasn’t…

The Year of Choosing NO

The Year of Choosing No

News of another delay in our son’s adoption paperwork reached our ears last spring like the devastation of war. Five years deep into the waiting and working we lacked only one set of signatures from an Ethiopian government agency before our family court date could be set. Fearing I could not endure another unknown number of months without laying eyes and hands on my son, we began tentatively planning a visit to his orphanage. As we waited on approval from our agency we looked at calendars and schedules, scratching our heads with confusion at our busy, chaos-filled days.    …


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