What Goes In? September Music Favs: All About Matt Redman

With the release on September 23, 2013, of Matt Redman’s newest album “Your Grace Finds Me” already hitting the top of the iTunes charts, I found it appropriate to commemorate some of his greatest hits. Matt’s music has been inspirational and life changing for many, including me. With his numerous Grammy and Dove wins and nominations he is a music force to be reckoned with! Now onto this months picks! 1.  Blessed Be Your Name listen here:  http://youtu.be/PnWKehsOXu8 When I think “Matt Redman,” I think of this song. “Blessed Be Your Name” can be heard singing in numerous churches on…

What Goes In: August Music Favs

With loads of new iTunes gift cards from my birthday, the choices of songs for this month’s post were endless! Trying to pick just three songs to share is simply impossible, so I decided to add a bonus song into this months picks. Hope you enjoy!   1.  Matt Maher –  Lord I Need You {listen here} Matt Maher has truly delivered an amazing worship song with “Lord I Need You,” which has been on the iTunes Christian and Gospel Top Ten Chart since its release. With a modern twist on the old hymn, “I Need Thee Every Hour,” Matt…

The Bare {Naked} Truth on Dating and Relationships

For some reason, I have always enjoyed reading books on dating. Maybe it’s because I have heard all the facts and “rules” from my parents, and I wouldn’t mind having a second opinion.  Or maybe it’s because I love to read, so I take any opportunity I can to stuff my nose in a book. That’s why when I was sitting  on the beach with my mom recently, and she pulled out of her bag The Bare Naked Truth, by Bekah Hamrick Martin, I quickly asked if I could read it. Her immediate response was, “No! You are too young. You…

What Goes In: July Music Favs

Do you have that one favorite song that you just cannot get out of your head? Or would you like to listen to something brand new yet don’t have the time to surf the iTunes store? Well, I’m here to help you out with finding new music each month.  “What Goes In” will feature music worth talking about and will hopefully inspire to live out your faith every day, especially as you think about the Biblical truths captured in the lyrics of music artists persevering to serve God with their talent! Top Favs on My Playlist This Month 1. Building…

Are you Dateable?

As a typical teenaged girl, I happen to be on the boy crazy side of things. So when I saw the book my mom brought home, Dateable: Are you? Are they?, by Justin Lookadoo and Hayley DiMarco, I knew I had to read it. I picked up the book and could not put it down. The information inside was amazing.  Each chapter answers the questions most girls my age (and older) have about what it means to have a great boyfriend or be a great girlfriend. I was intrigued. Even though this book draws us in with a title like,…


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