Kaitlyn Bouchillon

Kaitlyn is a lover of words and crazy about the power of story. She works as a Virtual Assistant for DaySpring, Holley Gerth, Jennifer Dukes Lee and several others. Her first book - Even If Not: Living, Loving, and Learning in the in Between - is for girls who want to find God on every page of their story.

What does it look like to wear love?

What Does It Look like to “Wear Love”?

She sat down next to me, leaned in, and smiled wide. Behind black-rimmed glasses, her eyes showed kindness and welcome. Her outfit was simple but chic, cozy and effortlessly cute — a lightweight sweater over black leggings. Five minutes passed quickly as we caught up on life, diving right in and skipping past the casual chit-chat. And then just like that she was gone, walking up to the front in her black and white tennis shoes, preparing to lead us in worship. I turned to my right, locked eyes with another friend, and honestly answered her question of “How are…

This is the Truth: You are More

This Is the Truth: You Are More

Do you need a do-over? You made a mistake, said words you wish could be taken back, walked away when you should have stayed (or stayed when you should have walked away). You desperately wish you could go back and undo the moment, rewind time, and make another choice, but instead you’re left picking up the pieces. Or maybe everything is okay, but real life feels vanilla — boring and mundane and just plain ordinary. The days all run together, each one looking like yesterday. You’re waiting for an adventure, for something exciting to come, or simply for tomorrow to…

A Message to the Girls Whose Thighs Touch

A Message to the Girls Whose Thighs Touch

It’s splashed right across her face. The waves gently touch the shore as she stands half-hidden behind a palm tree, busying herself with sunscreen and sunglasses and one more do-I-have-everything? She’s wasting time. She’s gathering courage. She’s surrounded by strangers who will never see her again, but she looks at their faces and tries to imagine what they’ll think of her. At twenty-one years old, no one has ever seen her in a two-piece bathing suit. There’s a hole-in-the-wall surf shack playing music and the kayaks are waiting. Quickly — as if no one will notice the change or hear…

This is for the Brokenhearted and Alone

This Is for the Brokenhearted and Alone

You, dear one, are so far from alone. No matter how far from home you find yourself today. No matter if the sun is shining or your heart is breaking. No matter the raging fears, the never-ending tears, or how many times you feel alone in a crowd. There is a hand to hold. Someone is reaching out, calling your name. Have courage. Be brave. Send a text or make a phone call if you can, but if not, just call out. He hears, and because He promises to never ever leave your side, you aren’t alone even when no one else is…


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