God is Our Father and Defender | Encounter God #20

Do you see God as your Father and Defender? Or do you resist thinking of God in this way as the example that has been set for you in regards to Fatherhood — even manhood — has not been positive? From the time I put my faith in Jesus, I wanted nothing to do with the idea that God could be my Father or defender because it seemed so incongruent with my earthly experience growing up in an abusive home. But as time passed, I felt this pull to lean into this attribute of God, even as things got worse…

Parenting Perspective for the Teen Years with Monica Swanson 

Parenting Perspective for the Teen Years with Monica Swanson {Podcast 531}

Have you ever noticed that eye-rolling isn’t something reserved just for a teen? Oh yes, all you have to do is mention parenting teens and you’ll see plenty of eye-rolling from moms and dads alike. It’s certainly not an easy task, but does it warrant such a negative response? Is there a way to enjoy parenting through the teen years? On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, I’m joined by boy mom, Monica Swanson, for a candid discussion about raising not only teens and sons but also daughters. Our conversation weaves in and out of parenting insights and…

King of kings and Lord of lords | Encounter God #19

God is the King of kings and Lord of lords | Encounter God #19

How well do you know the story of God? Is your understanding of Scripture a high-level view, where you get the gist of who God is and what He has done? Or do you understand the context where His character is revealed personally, His commands are relevant to your life today, and His promises carry hope for what is to come? It is too easy to pick and choose what we want to know and believe about God. But in doing so, we forsake knowing the richness of the God who made us in His image and ordained our lives…

When Your Work and Life is Redefined

When Your Work and Life Life is Redefined

Are you in a season of your work and life being re-defined? If you’re reading this in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic that swept our world, my guess is that your answer is “yes.” We’ve had our “normal” rocked. As I confessed in my last devotion, I struggle to not choose work over everything else, especially relationships. Nothing like experiencing stay-at-home orders to make that tendency all the more evident. How do I balance work with family? How do I walk in faith but steward my responsibilities well? Maybe your work right now isn’t only your paid job but…

God is Gracious & Merciful | Encounter God #18

God is Gracious & Merciful | Encounter God #18

Do we not trust that God is who He says He is because we’ve never experienced His fullness in the flesh? Yes, we know God’s promises. Yes, we can think about who He is and what He does, but how much do we fall into doubt because the fullness of God can’t be contained in the flesh? So we turn to the things of this world for our security. We turn from God into worshipping our accomplishments and make idols of people who can actually see and touch. But where does that land us? We only become more and more…

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