Rooted and Established with Mazi Robinson {Podcast 805}

Rooted and Established with Mazi Robinson {Podcast #805}

What would your life look like if you were deeply rooted in your faith and equally established by the love of God? Maybe you’ve not thought about these two aspects as it pertains to your emotional and relational health before, presuming that simply having faith is enough? Or that knowing God can be enough, even if you don’t personally feel a manifestation of His love. On this episode of the More to Be podcast, I am joined by Mazi Robison, a woman passionate about God’s purposes and presence in our lives. She is equally committed to helping women uncover emotional…

Out of the Shadows of 9/11 {Podcast #804}

Do you remember where you were when you learned of the brutal terrorist attacks on 9/11? For Christina Ray Stanton, that day will forever be imprinted upon her heart and mind in a way that many of us could not even imagine. It is for that reason, I count it a privilege and honor to have Christina on the podcast during the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Living only six blocks from the Twin Towers, Christina and her husband Brian, as well as their dog, felt and saw the attack first hand. Not only did they endure a harrowing escape from…

Reflecting on God’s Faithfulness {Podcast #803}

Can you believe that in September 2011, More to Be was launched with a vision to impact teenage girls by equipping their moms and mentors . . . Yep, teenage girls. So what happened to that vision to pivot into where we find ourselves today . . . helping women, just like you, experience wholehearted breakthrough and authentic life transformation? It really is a story of God’s faithfulness in how He directed my steps even when I didn’t know where He was taking me nor our community of More to Be sisters. I know that many of you have been…

Love Matters More with Jared Byas

Love Matters More with Jared Byas {Podcast #802}

What matters more than love? Have you thought about that question, especially in light of your relationships? Maybe you find yourself more concerned with being right, or not being wrong, than you are with how love is impacting your relationship with God, others, and even yourself? Yes, it is possible to be more passionate about truth and being the “good girl” than it is about receiving and giving love the way God has laid out for us in the Scriptures. Not sure what I mean about that? Then join me for this episode of the More to Be Podcast for…

The In-between Place of Blessings and Sorrows

The In-between Place of Blessings and Sorrows

 watched her paintbrush slowly fill in the outline of her sketch on the wall at the end of the dormitory hallway, curious about how this verse she chose would be relevant to the twenty teenage girls about to move in. Between room checks and monitoring study hours, I would re-read the promise from Psalm 84:10 declaring that “Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere” and wonder what it truly meant. I was too young in my faith, and maybe even years, for it to make much sense. Instead of yearning for heaven, I dreamt of a week…


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