The Lord is Our Messiah | Encounter God #26

The Lord is Our Messiah | Encounter God #26

Today in the city of David a Savior was born for you, who is the Messiah, the Lord. Luke 2:11 CSB Have you ever noticed how God will bring something up again and again when He wants you to learn something? So if you find it strange that we’re studying about Jesus as our Messiah this week, compared to Him being our Savior last week, you might be feeling like this is a bit redundant. I challenge you, however, to take a pause and consider what more God would like to speak to you about as you reflect on who Jesus is…

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Navigating Midlife with Michelle Van Loon {Podcast #541}

Are you struggling to understand the season you are in, especially as your faith matures and your life priorities shift? Do you wonder what steps to take next or what to turn to as you navigate midlife? While it is easy to find books and blogs and podcasts focusing on parenting tips, marriage, addictions, and hangups, it is noticeably lacking in resources for those entering their second half of life. On the latest More to Be Podcast Episode, we’re joined by Michelle Van Loon, who gives us context for understanding the different stages of life, especially in terms of spiritual…

The Lord is Our Savior | Encounter God #25

The Lord is Our Savior | Encounter God #25

Who is your savior? Is your Savior the Son of God, sent into this world to rescue you and set you apart and redeem your life for His glory? Or do you function as your own savior, taking upon yourself every problem and issue and need, believing it is all up to you? If we are struggling to yield our life to the Savior of the world, we’ve got to take a holy pause to consider why? Is it because we don’t know how to release the tension and anxiety we feel in us without trying to be in control…

God of Hope | Encounter God #24

God of Hope | Encounter God #24

What is your source of hope? Do you turn to your accomplishments or the things you feel like you can control? Do you look for hope in the people you do life with? Or is God your source of hope? As we consider God being our source of hope, there’s more to this attribute than we might realize. Hope doesn’t stand alone. Hope delivers more of what we crave . . . maybe more so than anything else. When God is our source of hope, we have more than we need. We have joy. We have peace. We have hope…

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Finding Freedom from Comparison with Richella Parham {Podcast #538}

Do you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to the people around you? Are you always wishing to have a more put-together life, be more in shape, or friendlier like the women you see on your Facebook feed? Does the comparison trap leave you feeling exhausted and self-loathing? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then listening to the latest More to Be Podcast is a must. Our guest, Richella Parham, removes the shame of comparison by exposing what causes it in the first place. With tenderness and truth, she shares her personal struggle with comparison and how…

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