Is that what you’re wearing?

Is clothing an ongoing debate with your your tween or teenage daughter? Have you caught yourself saying things to her like, “What ARE you thinking? Did you even look in the mirror? Have you heard nothing that I’ve taught you about modesty over all these years?” Well, my friend, you’re not alone. Mommas across the United States and beyond wrestle through this clothing debate with their daughters daily. But what if that norm could be transformed? What if there was another way to think upon the matter of clothing and your response? Come join me over at The M.O.M. Initiative…

Would you like to host an event for girls?

What You Need to Know to Host a Girls Event

Recently I shared with More to Be readers about a dream I had of hosting a reDefining Beauty event for teen girls. This event was something that God laid on my heart over a year ago as something my Acteens group could do for girls in our  community. For some time I had wrestled with the idea. Could we pull it off? What if no one showed up? What if no one had fun or learned about the Lord?  For months I kept it to myself and tried to come up with excuses and reasons why we couldn’t do it.…

Sometimes there's beauty in being stuck.

When You’re Feeling Stuck

Moms, mentors, and twenty-somethings, this post isn’t just for the high school graduates today. Hang in there with me and keep reading! The time has finally come. You’ve donned your cap and gown, gotten a new outfit to wear, maybe even a new pair of shoes for the occasion. Any moment now they’ll call your name. You’ll stand up, walk up to the stage (carefully!) with your head held high, and there in your hand they’ll place it. It’s the final battle cry. You have won. You have graduated! But then what? What happens after your cap flies into the…

Dashing Love Idols with the Truth

Still Learning to Live Beautiful in the Skin I’m In

I have a little story to share with you.  It is sort of the behind-the-scenes of my heart-life and may give you a new perspective as to why I’m so passionate about reDefining Beauty. Even so, it certainly isn’t a story I planned on telling, nor is it a lesson I thought I’d be facing now in this particular season. [Tweet “Isn’t it funny how God’s appointments often don’t happen on our timetable? “] And when they do, we can either run from Him or run to Him.  What’s your tendency? I usually prefer to run — as foolish as…

What are some indicators your outfit might need a re-think?

Modesty: Why It’s Important

One day, in my teens, I decided to dress up for school. Unfortunately, my idea of dressing up was to emulate what I saw in the popular fashion magazines. I wound up wearing a tight miniskirt. What followed was eye-opening and shaming at the same time. People looked at me differently. Girls stared at me and whispered about me as I passed. A few guys whistled. Some leered. The boys in my class threw pencils under my desk to see if they could get a glance up my skirt. All of them paid attention to me. I admit I felt…


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