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    It is our deep desire to see a movement of Redefining Beauty sweep over the nation, reaching the hearts of this generation of tweens through twenty-something gals while stirring up today’s Christian women to places of influence.   After experiencing the blessing and miracle of our first Redefining Beauty event, we are even more convinced that the impact our culture has caused us to lose sight of true beauty found in the lives of those we rub shoulders with each and every day. Beauty has become about what the media industry deems perfect, a.k.a, making the biggest buck. …

More Bright, More Beautiful

     How do you define beauty?   How are you impacting the next generation’s definition of beauty? Let us help you create a culture of living beautiful today. Use our resources and free downloads to host an event or lead a small group discussion on redefining beauty.If God is moving your heart in this direction, contact Lisa by email at lisa(at)moretobe(.).com. She is available to answer your questions and is also willing to prayerfully consider speaking at your event. [divider] …linking up with Wordfilled Wednesday, Women Living Well Wednesday, Raising Homemakers…

{reDefining Beauty} What is our influence?

Beauty.  It is a topic we need to talk about honestly and transparently, especially as moms. Whether we care to admit it, the pressure to feel beautiful is impacting our lives and influencing our daughters’ identity.  Our priorities and parenting focus is skewed as we respond to the pressures to be beautiful and produce beautiful children. It is time for the Truth to prevail over the pounding messages conveyed by the culture.  Every day, we are are exposed to overt and subliminal messages from the media about beauty, worth, and identity, influencing how we think about ourselves and how we…


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