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5 Intangible Christmas Gifts: The Real Reason for this Season

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before—“don’t forget the reason for this season.” And we try not to. But sometimes it’s just easy to get caught up in the holiday rush, to lose the true meaning of Christmas in the midst of a crowded mall or your child’s lengthy Christmas lists. These things—going shopping for presents, attending Christmas parties, decorating your Christmas tree, etc.—are not a sin within themselves. We just have to keep in mind that these tangible objects are not the reason that we celebrate Christmas each year. The best Christmas gifts of all are not wrapped in…

Through Life’s Trials

Have you ever expected one thing, only to watch events unfold completely contrary to your expectations? Perhaps you… Knew you were perfect for a job, felt sure God had led you to it, yet they hired someone else? Thought you’d found the “one,” the guy God had planned for you, only to have your heart broken? Found yourself unable to fulfill some task or responsibility you were sure God wanted you to accomplish? Prayed for a loved one to experience healing from a crisis of health, and then watched them die? I think we’ve all been there—certain of one path…

Overflowing Bible Study Method

If you ended up here looking for the Overflow Bible Study Method, let me point you to the Starting Point Method found in  Meet the New You: A 21-Day Plan for Embracing Fresh Attitudes and Focused New Habits for Real Life Change. You can learn more about it here.

Tween Bible Study: Casual Cupcake Party

Tween girls.  They are delightful.  Bubbly.  Outrageous chatterboxes.  Full of secret thoughts.  Desperately trying to figure out who they are.  Still little girls.  Not yet all grown up.  And totally in need of love, grace, wisdom and guidance. They definitely think they know it all, so they don’t want a lecture.  Nor do they want to be left to figure it all out themselves.  So, why not toss a bit of creativity together with a tiny little Bible study and you’ll deliver a whole lot of truth and good dose of laughter to your special gaggle of tween girls.  …

Top Ten Radical Ways to Celebrate Easter

Has your Easter tradition been dominated by a focus on colored eggs, jelly beans, and furry bunnies? Do you find yourself, or your kids, more eager for the unveiling of the basket than the remembrance of an empty tomb? Wouldn’t it be nice to meditate on the true meaning of Jesus’ resurrection and its implication this Easter, not only as an individual, but within our families? May I suggest taking on a new perspective this Easter season by considering ways to move your heart into acknowledging the Savior for His obedience on the cross, while becoming Christ with skin on…

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