For those Left Behind: What 13 Reasons Why Doesn't Tell You About Suicide

For Those Left Behind {And What 13 Reasons Why Doesn’t Tell You About Suicide}

There are some experiences in life that we wish were never part of our story. For me, it’s the experience of being the one left behind. I don’t mean left in the middle of a department store as a child. Or left behind in some race. Or left behind from participating in some amazing adventure. I mean left behind to live a life in the wake of suicide. Multiple suicides. Yes, more than one. Being the one left behind is a part of my life story that I’ve never publicly shared before. Partly because it’s not only my story. It’s…

How to Keep Current Events from Creating Division

How to Keep Current Events from Creating Division

The world is definitely busy debating. Say the word “politics” and people have an instant reaction. There are good people on all sides of several current issues and topics. Yet the simple act of logging on to our social media accounts can raise blood pressure and induce anxiety. People want to be heard. They’re passionate. Some are scared. Some are hurting. Others are angry. And some, when they get into heated discussions, get downright mean. With all of these debates raging, some of us have grown weary. Many have started asking people to stop discussing politics. They’re sick of it.…

Love Love Love and Let Jesus Lead

How am I supposed to act . . . ? A Follow-Up Response

A Note from Elisa Pulliam Founder of More to Be  As a writing team at More to Be, we’re committed to tackling the tough topics we face as women seeking to live a Christ-centered life. Our writing process is bathed in prayer, as we seek the Lord for the content He wants us to share with you. We are also very aware that sometimes our thoughts may open up another topic for discussion. That is exactly what happened with Jennifer Dyer’s post, “How am I supposed to act toward people who are different from me?” While her intent was never to…

Love Love Love and Let Jesus Lead

How am I supposed to act toward people who are different from me?

We live in a rapidly communicating world. Even in the last three decades we’ve gone from the wonder of cordless phones to having entire computer and communication systems that fit in the palm of our hands. The information streaming into our minds every second is staggering. Some of it is wonderful, a true gift, but in other ways, it’s not so good. Because of this, as a Christian today, I feel like I’m faced with harder questions than my grandmother faced fifty years ago. After all, she didn’t have her entire life, including her mistakes, chronicled for the world to see.…

Life Without a Bucket List

Have you walked the hard road of cancer? Was it your own personal battle or that of a loved one? A dear friend? Their spouse? Maybe your journey hasn’t been marred by cancer but another trial of equal devastation has sown itself into your story. Friend, you’re not alone nor do you have to walk this road without hope. As Kara Tippett demonstrated by the life she lived and her legacy that continues, hope and grace can infuse the deepest of trials. Kara life was dramatically changed in 2012 when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer. She shared honestly the painful journey of walking…

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