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How to Cultivate a Life that is Filled with Passion and Purpose

How to Cultivate a Life Filled with Passion and Purpose

Do you struggle with feeling like your life lacks a sense of passion and purpose? Maybe you feel stuck in a job, dreading having to show up every day. Or maybe your motherhood responsibilities feel so “other-than-what-you’re made for.” Or maybe your responsibilities don’t bother you so much, but there’s something missing. Like you need to stop by the imaginary “fill me up with” passion station and tap into an unidentifiable fuel that will make your life feel just right.     Your reactions are clues to discovering your God-given passions and potentially your life purpose. For example, if your…

No More Angry Mom

How I Stopped Being an Angry Mom

There was a time in my motherhood journey when I thought I would never be able to see the day when angry didn’t define me. Angry was my identity. Irrational was my guilt. Banshee was my shame. It seemed that no amount of prayer, Bible study, or church-going would ever make a difference. It didn’t matter if I started every day in the Word and begged God to give a gentle and quiet spirit. There was no change in the temperament of my soul.   I might start off on the right foot with my mind set on being a kind and…

This is the Truth: You are More

This Is the Truth: You Are More

Do you need a do-over? You made a mistake, said words you wish could be taken back, walked away when you should have stayed (or stayed when you should have walked away). You desperately wish you could go back and undo the moment, rewind time, and make another choice, but instead you’re left picking up the pieces. Or maybe everything is okay, but real life feels vanilla — boring and mundane and just plain ordinary. The days all run together, each one looking like yesterday. You’re waiting for an adventure, for something exciting to come, or simply for tomorrow to…

How to Take a Retreat at Home

How to Take a Retreat at Home

Are you craving alone time with God? Do you wish you could unplug and escape the noise so that you can hear the still small voice of God? For most of us, it’s a challenge to find the time to get alone with God and into His Word without interruption, never mind the extra financial resources to devote to a retreat. Going away for even 24 hours may not be an option, as that kind of departure usually put unnecessary pressure on our families and work. Making the financial commitment to stay in a hotel or attend a conference isn’t always a viable solution for some…

The Beauty of More to Be

The Beauty of More to Be

Isn’t it amazing how God works in each of us uniquely, drawing us not only to Himself but also manifesting His work in our lives distinctly? There aren’t two of the same kind of people in this entire world. Hallelujah! That’s good news! I certainly don’t want anyone else to struggle with the thorns I feel like are wedged in my side. How about you? And yet, when we find a kindred spirit . . . that person who tracts with the way we think and understands our perspective not only their head and heart . . . wow, that feels good! It somehow…

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