Life Transformation

What do I look for?

It is amazing what my eyes settle upon. The greed within my soul pushes my glance toward distractions that capture my attention and drive me away from the cross. My insecure heart longing for promises of peace and protection from life’s trials derail my gaze away from my Savior. It isn’t like I do this on purpose. It simply happens, as commonplace dew on the spring morning grass. I look for something other than Jesus to meet my needs as I fall into a habit formed long ago in an attempt to control my world instead of living in a…

Strong Hope

Be strong. Take heart. It is a gift for those of us who put our hope in the Lord. I call it Strong Hope. I like learning to live this way. As I choose to live intentionally.   How about you? What is God teaching you today?  About strength? Your heart? Hope? His Word? Are you imparting what you’re learning on the next generation? They need us. Tell them about Strong Hope.  Or whatever it is that you are learning about our Strong God.

{Link Ups} Hope. In My Savior.

Hope. It is my PERSPECTIVE2012.  Because it is a lesson I desperately need to learn. Most of my life has been spent hoping, but not in my Savior. I’ve hoped that my own efforts would bring satisfaction after a long hard day of serving my family. I’ve pressed on through difficult times, hoping that the around the corner I might find relief. And I must confess that I’ve unintentionally hoped in the opportunities provided through relationships, thinking that I would finally feel whole and loved totally. Even though I’ve lived nearly two decades as God’s beloved child, I’ve never learned…

Perspective 2012

Perspective.  It is one of my 5Ps.  It keeps me paying attention to the lessons God has before me for this year as I pursue living intentionally.  Lessons that I thought I already learned.  Lessons that need to penetrate deeper into my soul.  Lessons filled with truth that God intends to use to transform my thinking. I though HOPE was going to be my solo word capturing my PERSPECTIVE 2012.  It came upon me in tears soaked out on my living room sofa. “I’m so tired.  I can’t do this anymore!  Is it ever going to get easier?”  These are…

To Bless Them Today

The clock tick tocks, tick tocks keeping rhythm with the swish and motor grind of the dishwasher and the whirl of the washing machine, filling my home with the sounds of chores breaking forth into the early day.  These background whispers ground my heart back to reality, reminding me that writing and praying and dreaming won’t ever make the laundry basket looming in the distance get up and fold itself. Such a shame. Wouldn’t it be nice if suddenly the lint and elastic and cotton and polyester would rally together to form the March of the Loads, parading through the…

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