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Is it time for spring cleaning for your soul and spaces?

Is it spring cleaning time for you?

In my home growing up, every spring meant one thing: It’s was time to clean! And I’m not just talking “run the vacuum and mop the floors type of cleaning.” Oh no, that was set aside for ordinary Saturday chores. Spring cleaning meant everything got washed and scrubbed from top to bottom. The curtains came down for a good beating outside followed by a run through the washing machine and pressing. The walls got wiped down with a damp rag, including the baseboards. Beds were stripped, linens washed, mattresses flipped. Last but not least, winter wardrobes where shifted into storage to make…

Finding Margin Space

Finding Margin Space

I have to admit, finding margin space is something I have to work hard at.  Although it might look like I have it all together, the truth is I don’t. I worry about the future, considering how I never thought I’d be where I am right now. I’m anxious over the financial responsibilities that come with owning a home and preparing our oldest for college. I wonder about what doors to knock on, professionally speaking, and how to balance ministry passions with the need for additional family income. Do you struggle with these issues too? Are you also spinning your wheels trying…

How are you using your strengths?

How Are You Using Your Strengths?

When was the last time you appreciated the way God made you?  Has there been a task or way of responding to a situation in which you knew your God-given strengths were an asset? Friend, it’s worth taking the time to reflect on how God made us and is using us, especially as we consider how to invest our time and resources in the future. [clickToTweet tweet=”When we know what we’re good at, we’re much more likely to use what we’ve been given. ” quote=”When we know what we’re good at, we’re much more likely to use what we’ve been given. “] Wouldn’t…

Is God's applause enough for you?

Is God Enough for You?

If you were to work, play, write, sing, dance, or worship and no one noticed, would that be enough for you? Would you still continue to do what you do without anyone noticing? As humans we all like to be noticed, irrespective of the reality that such attention can sometimes be to our detriment. We long to be noticed. As a little girl, I always wanted my parents to see and be there when I did my recital or played my first tennis match. I wanted to share my big moments with them. Otherwise, it felt less fulfilling. As I…

What is your starting point?

What’s your starting point?

If you asked me to pick a time of year I love the most, I might just have to say the new year. There is something that feels so good in the depth of my soul to embrace a new beginning while taking stock of what God has accomplished in and through me over the previous 365 days. Maybe that’s because I am a long-term thinker who happens to struggle with focus and attention to details. The process of prayerfully meeting with God at the end of each year to jot down goals built around biblical values helps me focus on the Lord’s purposes,…

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