This is for the Brokenhearted and Alone

This Is for the Brokenhearted and Alone

You, dear one, are so far from alone. No matter how far from home you find yourself today. No matter if the sun is shining or your heart is breaking. No matter the raging fears, the never-ending tears, or how many times you feel alone in a crowd. There is a hand to hold. Someone is reaching out, calling your name. Have courage. Be brave. Send a text or make a phone call if you can, but if not, just call out. He hears, and because He promises to never ever leave your side, you aren’t alone even when no one else is…

Considering the Impact of Long-Distance Dating

Considering the Positive Impacts of Long Distance Dating

When my husband and I first met we did not live in the same town. In fact, in we didn’t even live in the same state. I lived in Georgia and he lived in New York. We met while I was in New York City attending a design conference. My last night in town, I met up with a college friend. She had a friend, who had a friend . . .  It was nice meeting him that evening, however, it wasn’t until a few months later that we “got together.” It started out with a few phone calls here…

The Secret to Loving Others

I’m the type of person that approaches a problem one of two ways. Either I see the problem and believe I can overcome it, so I go for it with all my physical strength, emotional energy, and a pull yourself up by your bootstraps mentality. Or, I might see an obstacle or challenge through the lens of impossible and will refuse to give it even a half-hearted effort. As a matter of fact, I might run from it, fearing that if I stick around, someone might challenge me to face my fears of failure. How do you face the problems…

Love Personified

I saw the words go by as I scrolled through Pinterest. It was any other regular afternoon but, as I am apt to do, I thought I’d kill a few minutes looking at crafts, yummy foods, and quotes. Now, mind you, I don’t have time to make the craft projects and almost every food creation has turned out, well, not exactly yummy … but the quotes never disappoint me. Soon after I turn the final page on paper books or ebooks, I pause and then open my quote book and begin to transfer over in black ink the words that…

Encountering God in the Everyday

A Letter to my Younger Self

Earlier this summer, while visiting family in the Midwest, I decided it was time. For the past twenty-three years, my wedding dress has been carefully persevered in a sealed box, neatly stuffed with tissue paper and form-shaping pieces of cardboard. During my family’s years of moving for graduate school, my parents agreed to store “the dress” in their attic. Somewhat on a whim, I decided it was time to open the box and show my dress to my teenage daughter. What ensued was an evening of dress-up. Anna put on my mom’s wedding dress—almost fifty years old—and I put on…

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