Considering the Impact of Long-Distance Dating

Considering the Positive Impacts of Long Distance Dating

When my husband and I first met we did not live in the same town. In fact, in we didn’t even live in the same state. I lived in Georgia and he lived in New York. We met while I was in New York City attending a design conference. My last night in town, I met up with a college friend. She had a friend, who had a friend . . .  It was nice meeting him that evening, however, it wasn’t until a few months later that we “got together.” It started out with a few phone calls here…

A Letter of Grace and Urging to Women Whose Marriages Fell Apart

A Letter of Grace and Urging to Women Whose Marriages Fell Apart

  Dear Sister in Christ, May I be so bold as to share my heart with you from a place of deep love and not from a position of knowing what you’ve been through? I am not a single mom. I am not separated nor divorced. I have not walked through the darkness of the night, enduring the heartache that comes when one’s marriage falls apart. I’ve not experienced the devastation of when a husband succumbs to the temptations of the flesh nor have I struggled with that myself. I’ve not lived through the betrayal of a covenant made before…

Wisdom Worthy: On Becoming a Mother-in-Law

I’ve had a few years to think about and prepare for becoming a mother-in-law but becoming “the old Mrs. Averette” is happening a little sooner that I thought it would, honestly. Yesterday he loved Star Wars, that old dog, and well . . . me. And then he met Molly. A Love Found I still remember how he first described her. “Mom, she’s a lot like you.” Silently I wait as he explains what he means. Thankfully, his description is nothing like the image in my mind of my 17 year old self.  I am touched that he knows my…

Encountering God in the Everyday

A Letter to my Younger Self

Earlier this summer, while visiting family in the Midwest, I decided it was time. For the past twenty-three years, my wedding dress has been carefully persevered in a sealed box, neatly stuffed with tissue paper and form-shaping pieces of cardboard. During my family’s years of moving for graduate school, my parents agreed to store “the dress” in their attic. Somewhat on a whim, I decided it was time to open the box and show my dress to my teenage daughter. What ensued was an evening of dress-up. Anna put on my mom’s wedding dress—almost fifty years old—and I put on…

What should you look for in a guy?

What qualities should I look for in a guy I want to date or marry?

I’ve never met a person who didn’t want to find someone to love and be loved by. Romantic love is precious, a prize to be cherished. Think over the many fairy tales circulating in our literature. Isn’t finding “true love” one of the common themes? So, with all this love in the air, shouldn’t finding it for ourselves be simple? Maybe, but it wasn’t for me. Looking for love (in the wrong places?) When I was a younger woman, I knew I wanted to find love, but wasn’t sure what to look for in a guy. I thought love was…

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