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Three Ways to Not Give Up When Life is Overwhelming

3 Ways to Not Give Up When Life is Overwhelming

Are you tempted to give up on God or your commitment to living out your faith when life is overwhelming? I can certainly raise my hand! An ordinary day can be overwhelming enough when it comes to balancing motherhood, marriage, ministry, and work, nevermind what life feels like when the unexpected happens. Health issues for my daughter. House issues and too many sales guys trying to pitch solutions. A limping dog. Car dashboard lights flashing warnings. Dear friends going through horrible losses. Friends not being nice to friends. All that an add on a pandemic like the Coronavirus, and feeling out…

The Lord will Provide | Encounter God #10

The Lord Will Provide | Encounter God #10

Does God actively pursue us to see if our hearts and lives are aligned with His commands, promises, and plans for our lives? Do you think God still tests us like the way He tested Abraham in the sacrifice of His son Isaac? As we peer into Genesis 22, looking at the encounter between Abraham and God — a profound encounter of instruction and obedience, trust and waiting. God instructs Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac. I can only imagine the torment that night, waiting for the morning to break. There are no words recorded, allowing us to know what…

A Fresh Encounter with God Changes Everything

A Fresh Encounter with God Changes Everything

How well do you know God? Do you see Him as an “out there” being who is gambling with your life? Is He a cranky old judge, ready to dole out an indictment? Or is He kind and gentle, gracious and forgiving? Who we think God is, impacts everything about the way we live our lives. Growing up in an abusive home made it nearly impossible for me to see God as a loving father. My faith upbringing didn’t help either, as I believed I had to earn God’s love and blessing. Can you see how that might play out in my life, even today?…

Breathe: Experience a Taste of Heaven through Sabbath

Breathe: Experience a Taste of Heaven through Sabbath {Podcast 514}

Does “sabbath” feel like a dirty word to you? Like, “Hush woman, I don’t want to talk about that because there is no way I can honor the Sabbath with all I have to do!” Maybe the idea of Sabbath sounds wonderful, but you can’t quite figure out how to logistically make that happen for you and your family? Well, what if you thought of Sabbath as a gift instead of a burden? What if it was the very secret to discovering how to breathe again . . . deep exhales that enable you to face life renewed and refreshed?…

Is the whole Bible really about Jesus?

Is the whole Bible really about Jesus?

Through what lens do you see the biblical narrative? Is it as a whole or in two distinct parts? Is one part solely drawn from the Old Testament where we meet our Creator God? It is only there that we find our Sovereign God, the one who gave the law and passes judgment but can also be compassionate, merciful, and long-suffering? What about the New Testament? Is that portion devoted entirely to one main character, Jesus, our Savior, with guest appearances from the Holy Spirit and encores from God the Father? Do we see love and grace and hope only…

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