When Obedience is Love

The complaining starts early around my house on Saturday night as we begin laying out clothes. Little voices start chiming in with their opinions as they bring me small cotton shirts that need pressing for the next day’s services. “Mooommmm do I hafta go?” “Can’t I just staaaay home?” “Church is sooooo boring.” I have heard all the versions of these complaints before. It is my third child’s turn at the variations, and bless his blue eyes, he is no innovator of phrases. I turn him toward the shower and give him the same response I gave his older sisters,…

Pray So You Can See

For some reason, teenagers feel the most vulnerable around the same time their mommas are ready to go to bed. Like clockwork, that’s when their hearts begin to bubble up with honest emotions and they are finally ready to talk. My girl definitely needed to talk, as tears streamed down her face shortly after I said I was going to head to bed. The Holy Spirit forced me into a u-turn as I sat down next to her at the table. She began to describe something that happened to her early that day at school. It was so hard to…

Arise: A Battlecry for Moms

Arise: A Prayer for Moms

What does it mean to Arise? What would it look like to pray for our children on purpose, without pause? To respond to the battles with them and against in prayer first? Shouldn’t this be our first course of action?   Sisters, we are in the midst of a spiritual battle for our children and our families. This battle doesn’t require firearms and fatigues (although we might feel fatigued). But it does demand swords and shields (Ephesians 6:10-20). We are commanded in Scripture to take up our sword — the Word of God which is alive and powerful — along…

A Prayer

Praying the Hard Prayers

From the time she was able to speak, her opinions on life where black-and-white, right and wrong, good and bad. In many ways, she reminded me of a Pharisee who’d yet to encounter the fullness of God’s grace. She was a rules girl, bent on staying within the safety zone, both in terms of our parenting and in light of what she knew of the Bible. It made being her mom pretty easy, but also secretly heartbreaking. Yes, she might always be the good girl. That was alarming for me, a recovering good girl — minus those ten years of…

Praying for Your Children

{Download} Praying for Your Children

I’ve gone through seasons of being incredibly intentional about praying for my children — notice I said seasons. I admit, I’ve not been faithful in prayer, as I wish would have when I look back on the fifteen years of parenting that have already passed. There was this one year that I prayed for each child on a different day of the week. And another year in which I participated in a Moms in Prayer group — and oh my, we saw the Lord move on behalf of our children in amazing ways! But for the most part, my prayers…

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