When Your Spirit Takes a Beating

When Your Spirit Takes a Beating

Her eyelashes were the first thing I noticed when I held her close, that long-awaited bundle swaddled in stripes of blue, pink, and white hospital cotton. Those gently curved swaths of inky delicateness were so long and full they didn’t look real. The tips reached almost to her dark eyebrows when her fierce blue eyes were open. Now, at 15, both landscapes lie tattered and barren. The marks of her autoimmune disease have staked their claim; all her bottom lashes are gone, and one eyebrow flaunts a naked gap the size of her pinky finger. The bareness is foreign to…

Modeling His Rest, Rhythms, and Grace for Our Teens

Modeling His Rest, Rhythms, and Grace for Our Teens

Would you agree that it’s difficult to be a teenager today? It’s such a crazy different world they live in. Historically teens have had academic and extracurricular loads pushing them beyond their limits but today they’re beyond harried with homework, work, sports, rehearsals, and desiring to connect socially. Let’s not forget the turbulent climate they are living in fueled by racism, sexism, and terrorism. Hyper-connectedness exacerbates these life stressors. But sadly, teens don’t have the same tolerance for stress as adults which might be why we are seeing an increase in health-related issues due to stress overload. TIME Magazine (Oct.…

Is it possible to overcome anxiety?

Is it possible to overcome anxiety?

Anxiety. It’s a word none of us like. It’s more than a word. It’s an experience that seeks to undermine the full life God promises us (John 10:10), whether we’re struggling with anxious feelings or in a full out battle against anxiety. Anxiety is the silent joy-stealer wrecking the lives of God’s children. Yes, it’s a real problem, even for Christians. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting 40 million adults (source). And women are 60% more likely than men to experience an anxiety disorder over their lifetime (source). But why? Well, we can…

For those Left Behind: What 13 Reasons Why Doesn't Tell You About Suicide

For Those Left Behind {And What 13 Reasons Why Doesn’t Tell You About Suicide}

There are some experiences in life that we wish were never part of our story. For me, it’s the experience of being the one left behind. I don’t mean left in the middle of a department store as a child. Or left behind in some race. Or left behind from participating in some amazing adventure. I mean left behind to live a life in the wake of suicide. Multiple suicides. Yes, more than one. Being the one left behind is a part of my life story that I’ve never publicly shared before. Partly because it’s not only my story. It’s…

Taking the Steps Towards Hope and Healing From Abuse

{Part 4} The Truth About Abuse: Taking Steps Towards Help and Healing

Thank you for joining in us this series on abuse, and in particular spiritual abuse. Today we’re joined by contributing writer and professional in the field of emotional health, Cara Dixon, as we look towards taking the next steps in the healing process.     A simple google search will provide a wealth of resources to define emotional and physical abuse. However, for many, it can be difficult to even accept that they have been an abuse victim or that a loved one has experienced such a trauma. Why? It can be extremely difficult to come to terms with the fact that…

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