The Truth About Abuse: Part 3

{Part 3} The Truth About Abuse: Helping Our Daughters Guard Against Spiritual Abuse

Yesterday, we heard from Dr. Michelle Bengston on the topic of spiritual abuse. Today, we’re digging deeper into this topic as we look at how it plays out in the lives of young women and how we can equip them to protect themselves from spiritual abuse.    What does spiritual abuse look like? This is a loaded question, because some people don’t even think there is such a thing. Yet it is . . . Isolation from family and friends. Being told you are irrational. That the way you hear from God is for someone else to tell you what God…

The Truth About Abuse: Part 2

{Part 2} The Truth About Abuse: The Lesser Talked About Abuse

It happens frequently although we don’t like to talk about it. Abuse. We are finally getting to the point where we will talk about abuse within the home and schools, and have set up campaigns to free others from the industry that preys upon our innocent. We have become more willing to talk about the major trespasses like those in authority who have been found to have acted sexually inappropriately with parishioners but even then some are reticent to believe that it happens in “their church.”     Yet it’s time we also talked about the reality of spiritual abuse…

The Truth About Abuse: Part 1

{Part 1} The Truth About Abuse: Breaking the Silence on Unseen Pain

As a life coach, mentor, and speaker involved in ministry over the last 20 years, I’ve been privy to the private and painful stories of countless women and teen girls caused by abuse. From emotional to physical to sexual and even spiritual abuse, theses precious souls have opened up to me as they searched for hope and healing. But what’s interesting is that abuse isn’t the reason they started the conversation. If they did, I’d send them straight to a counselor, who is trained to walk with them through the healing process. The abuse part of their story seeps out later on, after we’ve discussed…

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If You’re Struggling Today, Read This

I’ve walked roads that I never would have chosen. I’ve been broken by love, shattered by those dear to me, and I’ve spent years praying for the same miracle. I have more questions than answers and please, tell me you’ve been there too, that you’ve walked some of these same roads? We say it often, that Jesus never told us it would be easy, but can we just say that sometimes life is plain hard? It is messy and complicated, confusing and full of unknowns. There are chapters of our stories we never would have chosen but here’s the truth:…

How do I stop?

Real Question: How do I stop “this” sin?

We recently received a very vulnerable email from a teen girl struggling with sexual addiction. My heart ached as I read her words, describing how the habit began. One day my older teen cousin showed me music videos on YouTube, even though he said, “You’re too young to handle this . . . you’re just a baby.” There were a bunch of girls twerking grinding and giving each other lap-dances. When I got home I looked up the videos, which turned into my discovery of porn and more. I was only in 4th grade. She went on to describe how her…

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