Mentoring Monday: Bullies! Perspective Gained from a Victim

Lila* was a stocky girl from the poor side of town. Shy and a loner, she made the perfect target, especially for Heather*. After months of tormenting Lila with minor pranks and hateful remarks, Heather and her clique followed Lila from their high school. When Lila neared the corner of a busy street, Heather and the others shoved Lila into oncoming traffic.     Lila managed to shift so that the nearest car didn’t hit her. She swung around, using her backpack as a counterweight to regain her balance. Because they stood right behind her, Lila’s backpack hit each girl in…

Learning to Walk in Grace

In May 2009 my life changed. Yes, I just got married, but that seemed like a small change compared to what God was teaching me about grace. I returned from our honeymoon in Costa Rica very sick. Sicker than I had ever been before. At first we thought I had picked up a bug, but it quickly became evident that something more serious, something more permanent, had made itself at home in my body. My husband and I both had a sexual past. While we both had chosen renewed abstinence many years before meeting each other, our past entered our…

Trapped in the Chains of Self-Harm

We know that there are many unspoken issues our readers face and in the silence, often feel isolated in their struggles. Our desire is to break through the silence and the dark lonely places with the light of Christ and His truth.  Today, we step out in that direction as one of our our contributors brings to you a perspective on the very serious issue of cutting. Tessa is not a counselor or therapist, but has approached this topic with humility and great courage, seeking out a perspective from girls who have endured this battle. If you, a friend, or…

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