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Everything You Want to Know About Life Coaching and Becoming a Coach {Podcast #550}

Have you ever thought about becoming a life coach, wondering if you have what it takes to launch your own practice? Maybe you’ve wondered what life coaching is all about? Is it just cheerleading or another way to go about mentoring? Is it any different than counseling or consulting? Whether you’re interested in becoming a coach, simply to gain the skillset personally or to launch a practice, or you’re curious about how coaching works, this episode is for you. As you likely know, life coach is a core part of what we do at More to Be, both in training…

Understanding How Trauma Impacts the Brain & Life, Part 2

How Trauma Impacts the Brain & Life, Part 2

Trauma. It has marked each of our lives, even if we’re unaware of its impact. With our world impacted by the Coronavirus, trauma is seeping its way into the lives of unsuspecting men, women, and children. Anytime our brain perceives an event as a threat, the risk of trauma impact is right there. So at this time in our history, when the threat feels different than any other we’ve experienced, understanding trauma and its impact on the brain and life is absolutely critical. It is our prayer that this particular episode of the Coffee with the Coaches calls serves you…

How Trauma Impacts the Brain & Life, Part 1

How Trauma Impacts the Brain & Life, Part 1

Have you ever considered how trauma may be impacting your brain and life . . . and especially your faith? Maybe you don’t think you’ve experienced trauma? Or that your trauma was from so long ago, it can’t possibly be part of your story now? The truth is that trauma has touched all of us at some point or another because trauma is nothing more than how our brain responds to a threat or fear of harm. When we understand it’s impact, we can pursue healing and encourage others to do the same. Each month, I’m joined by my network…

Is now the right time to become a coach?

Is now the right time to become a coach?

How can you know for sure that now is the right time to become a coach? Considering these uncertain times, with the impact of the Coronavirus disrupting life, closing businesses, and sending kids home for schooling, it’s hard to know what life is going to look like tomorrow, much less in a few months from now. On the one hand, working as a coach is a great option at such a time as this, because client sessions can take place via Zoom. Hundreds and thousands of people are facing major life decisions that can be navigated more easily with the…

4 Ways to Move Towards Lasting Change

Four Ways to Move Towards Lasting Change

Are you fighting in the flesh what needs to first be battled in the mind? In other words, are you striving, as we’re all prone to do, to resist temptations? Are you desperately trying to stop the “bad” behavior, maybe even being wise by getting ahead of the triggers? And yet, you keep failing. You keep dipping into the candy jar. You keep flipping the channel to that trashy show you said you wouldn’t watch any more. You keep repeating the self-loathing accusations you know don’t line up with what God has to say about you. Oh, sister, you’re not…

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