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No Matter What, You Are Not "As Is"

No Matter What, You are Not “As Is”

As is. That was the label imprinted on my mind and engraved into my heart. I felt like a cheap house-flip with a new coat of paint camouflaging worn down paneling and peel-and-stick tiles covering up old linoleum. While I could see in the distance the woman I believed God wanted me to become, actually getting there seemed impossible. I was a good girl in disguise, with hours devoted to going to Bible studies and trying new life-management methods hoping that I’d get a handle on my discontentment in my season of motherhood and get rid of the guilt and…

How to Cultivate a Life that is Filled with Passion and Purpose

How to Cultivate a Life Filled with Passion and Purpose

Do you struggle with feeling like your life lacks a sense of passion and purpose? Maybe you feel stuck in a job, dreading having to show up every day. Or maybe your motherhood responsibilities feel so “other-than-what-you’re made for.” Or maybe your responsibilities don’t bother you so much, but there’s something missing. Like you need to stop by the imaginary “fill me up with” passion station and tap into an unidentifiable fuel that will make your life feel just right.     Your reactions are clues to discovering your God-given passions and potentially your life purpose. For example, if your…

Why Becoming a Life Coach is a Life-Changing Experience

Why Becoming a Life Coach is a Life-Changing Experience

What if I told you about an opportunity that would not only change your life but the way you impact who God brings into your life? Curious about what that would be? I know this might sound crazy, but I really do believe that going through the life coaching training course can result in a life-changing experience. I say this not only as the instructor of the course and the ways I’ve seen it impact my hundreds of students but because of my personal experience. After week three of my own training, my husband said, “That’s the best thing you’ve ever…

3 powerful steps toward becoming the brand new you. - Elisa Pulliam

3 Powerful Steps toward Becoming the Brand New You

Are you longing for a newer, improved version of yourself? Maybe you want to stop being that that angry, bitter, critical woman? Have you’ve had enough with the kind of insecurity and fear that steals your joy? It is time to kick worry to the curb once and for all. We all have “issues” that make us feel stuck, doubting that we’ll ever really become the woman God most certainly intended. The problem is that our longings don’t lead to lasting change. We’re deceived into thinking transformation happens with a wish and a prayer.   I begged God for years…

Three Steps for Cultivating Healthy Relationships

3 Steps for Cultivating Healthy Relationships

Is it really possible to eliminate the unhealthy relationships dominating our lives? Can we concentrate our time and emotional investment on relationships that are life-giving? Yes. And no. Speaking from the perspective of a life coach as well as one who has experienced her fair share of toxic relationships, I can attest to the fact that it is worth our time to consider all of our relationships with the eliminate and concentrate mindset (Did you know there’s a whole chapter this eliminate and concentrate principle in Meet the New You?).     Most of our toxic relationships became that way over…

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