Healthy Marriage, Healthy Leadership with Esther Littlefield, More to Be Podcast #309

Healthy Marriage, Healthy Leadership with Esther Littlefield {Podcast 309}

What is your definition of healthy leadership as a woman in ministry? Have you ever felt like the health of your leadership role is impacted by the health of your marriage?     You might be wondering what leadership and marriage have to do with the focus of our ministry at More to Be, and that is completely understandable. While we know that everyone in our tribe is not in leadership role nor married, a good bit of y’all come our way looking for resources to share with the ministries you lead while also seeking out spiritual nourishment and biblical…

Cultivating an Unwavering Devotional Life, Episode #308

Cultivating an Unwavering Devotional Life {Podcast 308}

Do you feel like you’re supposed to read your Bible and have a quiet time? Are you drawn into devotional time with the Lord, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem to amount to much? Have you felt like being a “Bible girl” ought to earn you brownie points with God, even though you know that isn’t the way it works? On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, Kalie Kelch and I circle back around to consider the importance of studying God’s Word. With King Solomon as our guide, as we consider his wisdom in Ecclesiastes, we wrestle through…

Chose Joy with Laura Pedersen on the More to Be Podcast #307

Choose Joy with Laura Pedersen {Podcast 307}

What does it looking like to choose joy in the middle of suffering? How can you find joy again after losing those closest to you?   We tackle these questions and more on this episode of the More to Be Podcast. I’m joined by the founder of the Choose Joy Foundation, Laura Pedersen, which was established in honor of her sister, Sara Frankl. Some of you might remember joy advocate, Sara, as the blogger chronicling her faith alongside her journey with a debilitating illness and necessary isolation, at Gitzen Girl. At the age of 38, Sara went home to be with the…

Battle Ready, Brave Together {Podcast 306}

Battle Ready, Braver Together {Podcast 306}

What does it really look like to live brave in our faith? Can we actually apply the Scriptures to everyday life? What needs to shift in our habits so that our actions reflect what we say we believe about God and His Word?     In this episode of the More to Be Podcast, Kalie Kelch joins me again for a chat about what it looks like to apply the Scriptures in good days and bad, when we’re feeling beat up by the enemy and ready to fight like the warrior God made us to be. It shouldn’t be a surprise…

Fighting for Marriages with Cherie Zack on the More to Be Podcast, Episode #305

Fighting for Marriages with Cherie Zack {Podcast 305}

Have you given up hope on saving your marriage? Do you feel like you’ll never figure out how to be in a healthy relationship with your spouse? Would you like to help an extended family member or friend rescue their marriage?   While the focus of our ministry at More to Be isn’t solely on marriages, the state of marriages certainly impacts our kingdom-focused ministry. So on this episode of the More to Be Podcast, I’ve invited my good friend Cherie Zack, founder of Fighting for Your Marriage, to share with us her story and why she started a ministry…

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