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Do you struggle with feeling like you’re never enough? Do you feel like you’re the one that doesn’t ever fit in or does not belong? Do you wonder if you’ll ever be good enough? It doesn’t matter if we’re a tween or teen, twenty-something or forty-something — this issue of feeling like we don’t fit in or that we’re not good enough plagues all of us. But imagine if there was a way to get around the “I’m never enough” mentality so that we could start living this life God gave us with confidence and joy. What if we stopped…

Real Answers: What are different ways to show love?

Real Question: What are some different ways to show love?   A Twenty-Something’s Perspective . . . Courtney’s answer: There are many different ways to show love. The most common include physical touch, acts of service, quality time, gifts, and words of affirmation. I have been realizing that I often show love how I wish to receive love. While this isn’t bad, it is helpful to take a second to ask how your friend or significant other receives love. Just recently, I realized that my roommate feels most loved through acts of service. This is not my favorite way to…

Find Balance in Friendships

Conflict, Boundaries, and Learning to Find Balance in Friendships

When a friendship goes bad… Lindsey sat in the cafeteria expecting to have a normal lunch time with her favorite group of friends. But when Gabby stood up, faced Lindsey, and asked some other girls to join her side, the sandwich Lindsey had just finished eating turned to concrete in her stomach. The entire cafeteria tuned in, as Gabby read out loud a letter detailing Lindsey’s shortcomings as a person and why the two of them would no longer be friends. Gabby finished by stating that since Lindsey had so few friends, she would allow her to keep Tammy as a…


When You Feel Left Out with Your Friends

Recently a young reader asked this question: What do you do if you always feel out-of-place when you’re with your friends and whatever you do, you still feel left out? I think every young woman experiences feeling left out from time to time, and to be honest, I think adult women sometimes feel the same way. Just recently, a friend of mine planned a birthday party for another friend. I wasn’t invited. I’m not as close a friend with the person whose birthday it was, but I felt like I was close enough to be invited to her party. After all,…

5 Ways to Become a True Friend

5 Ways to Become a True Friend

  We are taught by the world that in order to make friends, we need to find people who share common interests. However, is it possible to make friends even with those who have absolutely nothing in common with you?  Well, yes, by acting the way Jesus would towards them. Of course, that’s not always easy. You and your friend may not get along all of the time. There may come a season when the two of you don’t even speak to each other. However, if you want to keep your friendships alive, you need to become the kind of…

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