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Real Questions: How Do I Get Over My Bitterness

Real Question: Lately, after a big situation happened in my life, I’ve just been so bitter. I have been praying about it and talking with the people I trust, but it is just really hard. What can I do?   Real Answer: Courtney Werner says: Sometimes, hard things happen in life. You are unable to control what happens, but you can decide how you will respond to it. I believe that God works out everything together for good. This truth keeps me feeling peaceful when my circumstances are rough, because it reminds me that God really cares for me and…

{download} You Are Already Enough

Do you struggle with feeling like you’re never enough? Do you feel like you’re the one that doesn’t ever fit in or does not belong? Do you wonder if you’ll ever be good enough? It doesn’t matter if we’re a tween or teen, twenty-something or forty-something — this issue of feeling like we don’t fit in or that we’re not good enough plagues all of us. But imagine if there was a way to get around the “I’m never enough” mentality so that we could start living this life God gave us with confidence and joy. What if we stopped…

What do you think about what you think?

{Week 6} TWOgether: What do you think?

  Can you believe we’ve reached our final week together! I hope that you haven’t missed a single chapter, but if you did, it’s ok! Just go back and pick up where you left off. The great thing about Magnetic is each chapter and can be read by all by itself. Before you read chapter 10, you might not have given any thought to your thoughts. I mean they are just there! Often, before you even realize it, you’ve been thinking about it or him for several minutes. Suddenly, your mom asks you a question or your teacher calls on…

{Week 5} TWOgether: Faithfulness & Gentleness

What comes to your mind when you think of the adjective “faithfulness”? Sometimes, my mind thinks in terms of opposites and in this case I thought of the word cheating. Cheating is a topic that comes up all too often when girls get talking about their relationships. It seems today there isn’t very much value put on being faithful. And yet, we all want relationships that last; relationships that go the distance and ones we can count on. [Tweet “Faithfulness is the superglue of relationships.”] A faithful girl is loyal and constant — she can be depended on. Just like…


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