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The Secret to Loving Others

I’m the type of person that approaches a problem one of two ways. Either I see the problem and believe I can overcome it, so I go for it with all my physical strength, emotional energy, and a pull yourself up by your bootstraps mentality. Or, I might see an obstacle or challenge through the lens of impossible and will refuse to give it even a half-hearted effort. As a matter of fact, I might run from it, fearing that if I stick around, someone might challenge me to face my fears of failure. How do you face the problems…

New Bible Study for Teen Girls . . . Mosaic

Have you ever seen a mosaic up close? Mosaics are made with either pieces of cut glass or broken shards of glass laid in cement to create a beautiful image. While one piece of glass may be independently beautiful, it is stunning to see how that same piece can become part of a composition to form something magnificent. And, sometimes, it’s the broken pieces that lend themselves to the best use, because they fit exactly into an empty spot. When I reflect on how a mosaic is created, I can’t help but think of this generation. They may be broken…

It’s a New TWOgether Study for Moms and Daughters

  As you might already know, we are passionate about seeing moms and daughters connect in every way. That’s because we believe moms are the best mentors for their daughters. Even though it is super valuable when other women speak into the lives of the next generation, there is nothing like the time spent between a mother and daughter one-on-one. Because we want to encourage moms to spend time with their daughters, we’re offering another TWOgether Study with one of our favorite authors, Lynn Cowell, and her newest book, Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants. About Magnetic Magnetic is a…

You are a princess.

Redefining Self: Exchanging a Negative Self-Image for a Positive Identity in Jesus

If a teacher asked you to define your inner self in front of a class, would you find it difficult? Many of us would, in part, because the way we see ourselves deep down isn’t necessarily flattering. Though we might say things like “I’m conversational,” or “I’m shy,” inside we might be thinking things like: Hello, my name is _____ and I’m flawed, broken, damaged, and fearful. I’m a gossip/a drug addict/a worthless person who has been used by others/afraid of everything/angry/unloved. Most of us struggle with this inner negative self-definition. After all, we see ourselves as we really are. We…


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