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Helping Teens Know They Are Equipped

God has equipped you to live this life on purpose, friend! You are not an accident or a mistake! You are not a waste of a life or in-the-way!  God made you and wants to use you! But what does that mean? How do you know if you’re really equipped? What if you feel totally inadequate? Well, friend, let me first encourage you to not give up on the plans of God! His work takes a lifetime — your lifetime — to accomplish.  But in the mean time, would you be willing to go on a little investigative journey with…

To Speak Love: A Legacy & Opportunity

About six months ago, I had a conviction that it was time to go back to paper. Yes paper — that flimsy material that so easily leaves a nasty cut on my finger and reminds me for days about my carelessness. It wasn’t just any paper, however. See this little conviction in my soul was about giving up my beloved Bible app in exchange for one bound in imitation leather with see-through thin pages.  It was time to go old-fashion so that I could leave a legacy of marked up Bibles for my kids. As much as I love the…

Hooking-Up? Biblical Tips for Teens

Moms, as we’re moving forward with our new vision, we’re excited to bring you posts like this one that you can forward on to your girls. Feel free to share via email using the link at the bottom of the post. Recently I came across an article that Seventeen Magazine published called “The Hookup Handbook.”  Different emotions flooded me as a read through the tips and tricks of a good hookup.  The hottest hookup spots, tips to drive him wild and how to know when to hookup with a person all made the “tips” list.  With each passing category of advice,…

{download} Summer Survival

Don’t simply survive summer! Instead, set goals for your personal, emotional, and spiritual life, so that your summer vacation leaves you changed for the better without regretting days vanished into nothingness.


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