Transformed Tuesdays

Do you hear what I hear?

Though the world is in desperate need for truth, not everyone wants to hear it. Hearing the truth certainly dampened Herod’s spirits. When Herod the king heard this, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him. Matthew 2:3 NKJV Herod enjoyed his position as King of the Jews.  And although he wasn’t a stranger to Daniel’s prophecies of the coming Messiah, he wasn’t going to bow to anyone.  Herod hoped this story from the past could somehow be overlooked or forgotten.  As a paranoid, power-hungry king, he was determined to keep his crown and was known to crush anyone who threatened…

Transformed Tuesday: When Wise Men Wait

Ever wonder where the Wise Men learned of the star? Who told them to look for a star in the first place? How did they learn of its significance? Why would wise men from the East search the skies for Israel’s Light? Perhaps it was the prophet Daniel who made the difference. Though little is known of the mysterious visitors from the East, history tells us magi were a special group of priests from Persia.  Skilled in astronomy, mathematics, and science, these men were highly respected and often called upon to interpret dreams. None compared to Daniel.  Serving as chief…

Transformed Tuesday: Getting Your Heart Ready for Christmas

Where does Jesus fit into your Christmas season? Is your calendar too full to slow down and think about the significance of a child born in the manager? Have your traditions been built about lovely things like tree trimming and cookie baking without considering what it means to celebrate Jesus’ first days as God in Flesh on earth? Oh friends, for too many years, I dismissed the significance of Christ in Christmas while, but not because I was lacking faith or a desire to celebrate my Savior’s birth. It was just that I didn’t know where to start to make…

Transformed Tuesday: Believe! And Stop Replaying Your Past {Real Answers}

It seemed like every time I looked in the mirror I saw the choices I had made. It weighed so heavily on me that I could still feel the regret, and the guilt bulged the veins out on my forehead whenever I thought about it. That season, those years when I made poor decisions, they stared at me in the mirror, as if they were written on my forehead for all to see. For years I carried around the pain and regret of decisions from days gone by. There were moments when I felt such regret over my decisions that…

Transformed Tuesday: Do you have the Voice?

What does your voice convey? Is it powerful enough to grab attention? Is it distinct enough to stand out among the loud voices within today’s screaming crowd? Each year, scores of hopefuls line up for a shot to compete on the popular TV show, The Voice. Contestants are sifted and filtered through the competition’s process until all that remains are those who’ve somehow stood apart. These chosen few then have the opportunity to step in front of four red chairs—using only their voices to persuade at least one listener to turn around. By this stage in the process, every contestant…


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