Have you de-spiritualized wellness?

Have you de-spiritualized wellness? What I mean is have you focused wholeheartedly toward growing spiritually and serving others, especially in a ministry context, while dismissing the care of your physical body? Have you resigned yourself to being as you are when it comes to your health, never expecting to change your habits nor your weight, your medical condition nor your lifestyle? My mother-in-law is one of the most godliest women I know. She loves the Lord and submits to His sovereignty in every way. She’s been diligent over her lifetime to studying Scripture and being in Bible study. She served…

It's Time to Become Holy Whole . . . because our physical wellness is a spiritual matter.

Becoming Holy Whole: Why Your Physical Wellness is a Spiritual Matter

Have you ever thought about your physical wellness as a spiritual matter? Maybe you feel like the number on the scale or around your waist or on the blood test report has nothing to do with the state of your soul. I agree. It doesn’t.  But it also doesn’t discount the biblical call to care for our bodies well. Sometimes the state of our health is a result of life on this side of the fall. We suffer from disease and illness that is often out of our control to fix. And yet, sometimes our wellness has everything to do with how…

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