helping you savor the Christmas season

What would you like your Christmas season to look like?

If you had the freedom to make this holiday season one that is worth remembering, what would set it apart?

Taking a holy pause right now to think about that question can be the most valuable thing you do to make the most of this Christmas season.

This holiday doesn't have to be marked by craziness or disappointment, resistance nor regret. Your Christmas is what you make of it . . . so why not decide now to make it the best one yet?

The resources below will help you renew your creativity and gain clarity so that you can savor the sweetness and sacredness of this Christmas season.

More to Be Podcast

Holidays on the Podcast

These episodes on the More to Be Podcast are full of inspiration and practical ideas for helping you savor the holiday season.

Bringing Holy Back to the Holiday

The Christmas season has arrived.

Are you ready for it?

Or wishing it would just go away?

It is so easy to allow our Christmas joy to spiral into despair over of gifts, commitments, relationships, cookies, and cards begging signatures.

But do you really want your holiday to be marked by this?

Shouldn’t our Christmas focus on the celebration of Jesus’ birth, and not the holiday-driven marketing plans adding to our mounting (and sometimes meaningless) traditions? Instead of succumbing to the pressure to perform, how about looking for opportunities to celebrate our Savior in a holy new way?

It starts today with this simple reflection guide to help you make the most of this holiday season.

12 Days of Eternal Gifts Christmas Devotional

Shopping lists.  Laundry. Christmas cards. Bills. Cookie Exchanges.  Final Exams.  Christmas Caroling.   Picking up kids from college. Secret Santas. Mop the floor.  Black Friday specials.  Doctor’s appointments.  Women’s Christmas Tea.  Soup kitchen.  Nativity programs.  Homework.  School programs.

But where does Jesus fit into our holiday rhythm?

When the schedule leaves no time to breathe or reflect, I become simply irritable. That, my friends, is not how I want to experience this holiday season.  So, I’m going to do something entirely different. I’m going to put my eyes on the Lord.  I’m going to focus on hearing Him, seeking Him, finding Him, and needing Him more than ever before.

It means I’m going to pass on some of the holiday commitments and put off some chores until January. I might not do Christmas cards and the stockings might be a little less full. Yes, my house might get a little bit dustier and the kids might need to pick through the clean laundry baskets for their clothes.  Because I’m going to chose to slow down to make room for Jesus this Christmas.

I don’t want my inn to be so full that He gets turned away again. 

Without our manager-child, there would be no Christmas. I can think of no better time to treasure the gifts I can never buy, 12 eternal gifts.

Celebrating Advent Guide

Advent is a time to prepare your heart and mind for the glorious remembrance of Christ’s birth.

Make the most of Advent this year with this helpful guide, which includes a brief explanation about the tradition of celebrating Advent along with the Scripture passages to read each Sunday.


I don’t know about you, but I love to give meaningful gifts to my family and friends as a way of conveying my love. However, with a limited budget and limited time, I have to get pretty creative about how I accomplish this goal. Do you find yourself in a similar situation?

This list of 30 gift ideas will help you simplify your life by giving you more margin time this season!

We can actually enjoy the holidays and not have to worry about last minute shopping! Doesn’t that sound like a lovely idea?


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