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Ready to learn and grown from the comfort of your own home? 

Our courses are designed to help you experience a fresh encounter with God and His Word, so that you can live transformed and impact this world with Kingdom hope.

Impact Mentor Training Course

Biblical Mentoring Simplified

The Impact Mentoring Training Course, taught by life coach and life-long mentor, Elisa Pulliam, will equip you to step into biblically-based mentoring relationships while also igniting your faith and inspiring to follow Christ distinctly.

Regardless of your age, stage, or career path, the Impact Mentoring Training Course is designed to equip you to mentor biblically in every type of relationship and responsibility.

Infuse Life Transformation Course

A Life-Changing Encounter with God

The course is designed to help you press on in the life God has for you. Each of the five modules unpacks insights from Scriptures while setting the stage for a deeper understanding of the principles found in my book, Meet the New You: A 21-Day Plan for Embracing Fresh Attitudes and Focused Habits for Real Life Change.

Meet the New You is the primary text for this course, so you’ll need a copy. But in addition to what you’ll find in the book, you’ll gain fresh new insights, practical resources, and encouragement to press on in this journey of becoming the woman God intended.

Ignite Missional Marketing Simplified

Marketing for Coaches, Authors, Speakers, Biz Owners

Whether you are seeking to grow a ministry, create a sustainable business, or develop a speaker or author platform, the principles of missional marketing unpacked in this course are designed especially for you.

You don’t have to hire a fancy marketing company. You don’t have to sink your savings into strategies and be left with no one to execute them.

What you need is a simplified understanding of timeless marketing techniques rooted in biblical principles and a willingness to put into practice what you’ve learned in a short amount of time!

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