Because You Can Make Essential Oils & Wellness a Part of Your Life

If you would have told me that I’d become the type of gal who would make essential oils a part of my life, I would have told you that you’re crazy.

That’s because my husband is a science teacher and skeptical about anything that makes a promise and comes in a little bottle. I also thought it was a fad taking the Christian blogosphere by storm and the pyramid-structured business model would soon reveal it’s true colors. So what happened to change my mind?

Well, the same thing that won me to Jesus more than 25 years ago.

Over a two year period, a good friend shared with me again and again about how oils were improving her immune-fighting abilities and helping her get through her 3 pm slump. It all sounded good, but I wasn’t ready to drink the cool aid.

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One afternoon, Kelly was over for our small group gathering and noticed that I had picked up a used diffuser. I kind of felt like I got caught experimenting behind my mama’s back! She was gracious and shared with me that if I was going to dabble, she’ll show me the way to do so and stay out of trouble! Turns out that inexpensive diffuser unit wasn’t made of quality grade plastic and could actually undo the benefits of the oils. Who knew!

The following Sunday at church, Kelly gave me a special Clarity blend to try, as I had been sharing with her my struggle to concentrate in finishing up the manuscript for Unblinded Faith. One week later, with Clarity diffusing into my lovely she-shed, I clocked 40 hours in Word and finished final edits on the manuscript without increasing my coffee intake, taking a nap, or stressing out.

That’s the moment I decided this oils thing may be something I ought to pay attention to.

I realized I had an opportunity before me to care for my physical temple with the same passion I’ve devoted to spiritually caring for my heart and mind.

I told Kelly to sign me up! My first introduction to a lifestyle of wellness kicked off with a wellness jump start, which include 11 oils and a diffuser. It was the best way to start because the kit came with the basic and easy to integrate oils.

A year later, oils have very much become not only a key part of my wellness journey but also a lifestyle for my family, including my husband.

Yes, he has seen the results and has become convinced that they work. Maybe you’re wondering, but how? What do you do differently now? These are the top 10 oils I use on a given day to improve my health, reduce stress, battle anxiety, and bring healing to my body and home. There are dozens of others I can tell you about, along with a variety of combinations, but this will give you an idea of how simple it can be.

Top 10 Oils in my Routine

1. Peppermint on my temples to wake me up in the afternoon.

2. Lavender in my bedroom diffuser for a restful night sleep.

3. Thieves Household Cleaner to fight the germs throughout the house.

4. Clarity in my office diffuser to increase concentration.

5. Frankincense in my face cream to care for my skin.

6. Purification on cotton balls in stinky places, like the garbage can and kiddos shoes.

7. Stress Away in the diffuser for battling anxiety. (My daughter, who struggles with anxiety, uses Stress Away with Lavender in her diffuser as well as the Tranquil Roll On.)

8. Deep Relief Roll-On to care for my sore muscles.

9. Copaiba with Frankincense, Lavender, and Thieves in a roll on for my joy-infusing pick me up and health boost.

10. Dragon Time on my feet at bedtime to bring hormonal balance

Can you imagine all the “substitutes” for oils I had been using?

Those substitutes might be main-stream and easily accessible, but many of them are harmful to our bodies and the environment.

It’s safe to say “ditch-it list” is growing with each passing day as I discover a better solution using oils.

The best way to explain how I use oils is to actually show you!

I’d love to have you come to my shed and go through each oil that’s a part of my routine. But since that’s not exactly a possibility, grab this Wellness Kit  for yourself and you’ll have verything you need to get started plus my support with complimentary 60-minute Wellness Strategy Session over Zoom to create a wellness plan and help you understand how to use your kit.  So what are you waiting for? Let’s get healthy and whole together!


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