Journey to Freedom: A Bible Study on Identity

Journey to Freedom

Our identity can either cause us to curl up in a corner, feeling worthless and rejected, or call us to step out in bold, courageous faith to do “that thing” we long to accomplish. While “that thing” shouldn’t define us, neither should fear or insecurity. We need to find our identity — how we define ourselves — in what God has to say about us.

When we understand His truth, we can make decisions that enable us to accomplish “that thing” with a godly purpose.

Maybe God’s plans include a wildly magnificent rescue, where He swoops in, catches us in the palm of His hands, and transports us to an entirely new place. He fills our lives with amazing opportunities — ones that we would have missed if the course had stayed the same.

The Journey to Freedom is a totally simple Bible study for girls available in age-appropriate editions with a companion leader’s guide.


Especially for Teen Girls

The Journey to Freedom study is perfectly put together for girls to discover their God-given identity and the freedom that comes with knowing whose you are and who you are in light of Biblical truth! They will:

  • Discover what God says about who they are and how they’re impacted by what others have to say.
  • Remember that they are not alone in their struggles and fears, and that they don’t have to stay afraid!
  • Learn how to study the Scriptures for themselves and develop a prayerful relationship with God.
  • Think about creative ways to cultivate healthy friendships, mentoring relationships, and accountability partnerships.
  • Find the freedom they crave by embracing their identity in Christ.

The study includes only four chapters — yes, it is intentionally short!  Each chapter includes a half dozen questions at the end, which are designed to get the girls thinking, praying, and reading Scripture on their own. Ideally the girls will do the week’s reading and answer the questions before meeting for the study, however, you could do the work together and use the questions in their workbook to facilitate discussion and connection.

The Teen Girl’s Edition is perfect any girl age 12 and up, regardless of her faith upbringing. If you’re working with girls who’ve been immersed in the culture, this study may fit them as young as age 10. The Gospel message is laid out clearly, without assuming that the participants know Jesus as their personal Savior.

Inside the Leader’s Guide

In the leader’s guide, which follows the same flow as the teen girl’s edition, but can be used with the young women’s edition, you’ll find additional questions and activity ideas to enhance the study experience. 

If you’d like to go through the study with a group, you’ll be more than equipped with activity ideas and group participation opportunities. If you want to do it one-on-one, you’ll be able to customize the study to meet your needs.

Journey to Freedom: Teen Girl's Edition


Journey to Freedom {Participant Book – PDF Version}

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Journey to Freedom: Leader's Guide

Journey Bundle {with Leader’s Guide – PDF Version}

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