Infuse Life Transformation Course

experience a fresh encounter with God and His Word

Wouldn't you agree that God wants us to live from a place of soul-strength that comes through a fresh encounter with Him, His Word, and clarity about our life purpose?

Do you feel stuck in a rut? Trapped by the obstacles looming in front of you? 

Are you longing for God to meet your right where you are and infuse your life with purpose and direction?

You might feel like this the best you can expect from life, but the truth is with God, there is more.

God didn’t make you, nor the state of your life, “as is." 

Friend, I am convinced that God wants us to live from a place of soul-strength that comes through a fresh encounter with Him and His Word so that we can align with His best.

But to experience His transforming work, we need to stop the crazy cycle of striving and making excuses and instead focus our energy on His purposes and priorities

If that's the next step you're willing to take, then this Infuse Life Transformation Course is for you.

Start Where You Are

The Infuse course will meet you exactly where you are and equip to get to the next place God has for you:

  • discover the ways God has been working in your life up to this point to prepare you for today
  • learn how to operate in your God-given personality, giftings, and learning style while being willing for God to use your weaknesses
  • embrace a schedule that is built from your customized, God-ordained priorities and values
  • pinpoint where to find margin space in your life and eliminate the chaos to find joy again
  • gain the courage to engage in healthy mentoring relationships
  • develop a routine for digging deep into a soul-strengthening relationship with God
  • craft a prayerful and purpose-filled vision for your life
Meet the New You

Find the New You

This online course will be like having a personal life coach, bible teacher, and cheerleader all to yourself, as you make your way through Meet the New You, dive deeper into the Scriptures, and draw nearer to the heart of God.

In the process, you'll discover biblical insights and gain confidence to share the Word with your daughter (or son) or anyone God has you mentoring.

While Meet the New You is structured as a 21-day journey, it's not necessarily a 21-day course. You may choose to focus on one module a week or turn each "day" from the book into a week. It's self-paced and laced with grace!

Elisa Pulliam

About Your Instructor

Elisa Pulliam is a life-long mentor, life coach, coach trainer, author of Meet the New You and Impact Together: Biblical Mentoring SimplifiedShe is passionate about seeing women experience authentic life transformation for the sake of impacting the next generation. Her passion for training and equipping women to apply the Word of God is fueled by His redeeming work in her life and twenty-plus years in youth and women’s ministry.


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